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BT Security

As more networks, devices, users and clouds are added to your organisation it’s more difficult to paint a single and complete picture of how your IT is working. Where does your network need some fine-tuning and where does it need an overhaul?

BT reference Security


Billions of devices connect to the internet every day with little or no security, and cybercriminals are using sophisticated and innovative malware. 

Global security threats are everywhere: stolen identities, systems held to ransom, phishing scams. You want to protect and expand your organisation, but you don’t want to risk new security challenges.


We have the technology and intelligence to spot and tackle global cybersecurity threats before they become the stuff of headlines. 

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What's new?

The Agile Connect application has been enriched with numerous changes, yet making it simpler to navigate and find what needs to be done in a much easier manner.

Some of the key changes;

  1. Introduction of new attribute “Application Priority” to define and modify the priority via Portal UI when associating an Application with an Application Performance Group with ease..
  2. Ability to filter sites by selecting a device status type via Agile Connect Map view.
  3. Addition of new attribute “Multihop” in BGP Peer to facilitate definition of the next point of connectivity node via Portal UI.