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BT Managed Event Premium Services

Ideal solutions for high-profile meetings and important announcements.

BT reference BT Managed Event Premium Services
Category Cloud collaboration


Larger meetings need careful planning, so with BT Managed Event Service you benefit from the services of an expert event team to help you before, during and after the meeting.

Key features include:

  • an event manager
  • security improved by unique passcode
  • automated dial-in call entry for fast access
  • management of Q&A sessions
  • voting on questions via the phone keypad, or keyboard
  • record events and replay over the phone or over the web
  • transcription service
  • monitoring of call quality to address issues quickly
  • *0 Help during the call for assistance.


Self-paced training

  1. This tutorial guides you through the service and the features available to make your next large event call a success.
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