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BT Managed Event Premium Services

BT Event Call

BT Managed Event Premium is a booked audio meeting service, managed by a BT Event Operator who can control features and provide assistance during the event to make the meeting run smoothly. Managed Events are designed specifically for larger meetings from 40 to 2500+ participants, ideal solutions for high-profile meetings and important announcements, such as investor relations calls, all-hands calls and HR announcements.

BT Event Call is ideal for formal meetings and mass communications to large audiences, such as:

  •  multinational meetings
  •  company announcements
  •  training courses
  •  global financial reviews
  •  project progress meetings
  •  seminars and lectures.

All you need is a landline or mobile phone — preferably with a tone-dialling facility for each participant. (To use Webex with BT Managed Event you will need a pc or Mac)

BT Managed Event Premium Global Access enables people from over 70 countries to join a booked meeting by using a local dial-in number.

With BT Managed Event Premium Services, you benefit from the services of an expert event management team to help you before, during and after the meeting. They will help with scheduling, greeting, and connecting participants, as well as managing any Q&A sessions.

  • Event management at no extra cost, to help you plan and manage your meeting
  • Pre-registration to allow organisers to track registration and attendance
  • Security ensured by a unique passcode for each meeting
  • Pre-booking to guarantee the number of lines
  • Automated dial-in for fast access
  • Co-ordinator assistance, as required.
  1. Managed Event Premium Instant Entry (Automated): Users enter a one-time-use passcode for immediate entry into the call. This is the most popular type of service and entry method use to join a managed event
  2. Managed Event Premium Instant Entry with Pre-registration: In addition to Instant Entry, participants register online and are given a 5 digit unique PIN, allowing you to collect information before the callManaged Event Premium.

Yes. The BT Event Team can schedule a Webex event centre meeting with a BT Managed Event Premium service and also we can manage the Webex features during the meeting. (Please note the Webex event centre site will need to be a webex site provided and managed by BT)

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