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Booking a meeting

My Meeting Manager is the best way to schedule your next event. Access your My Meeting Manager account by signing into the login area on this page. See the Features section for the list of features available with My Meeting Manager. If there's a feature you need that isn't in My Meeting Manager, please call the Help desk.

Gather the following information

Before you begin the scheduling process, please have the following information ready:

Account holder details:

  •  company name
  •  first and last name
  •  phone number
  •  email address
  •  time zone.

Meeting details:

  •  topic     
  •  meeting date
  •  meeting time and time zone
  •  duration of meeting
  •  number of participants.


Please also decide which features you’ll need. If there's a feature you need that isn't in My Meeting Manager, please call the help desk. See the Features section for a full list of features available during your BT Managed Event. Please check with your customer contract for feature charges that may apply to BT Managed Event Premium Services.

Inviting participants

After you’ve reviewed your confirmation email and checked that all the information is correct, invite your participants.

To invite participants

  • Open the 'global_participant_attachment.txt' attachment from your confirmation email then copy and paste it into your email.

Tip: Send only participant passcodes, attendee meeting keys and/or passwords. Don’t send chairperson passcodes or host meeting keys, so your meeting will remain secure.

To invite speakers

  •  Open the 'global_speaker_attachment.txt' attachment from your  confirmation email then copy and paste it into your email.

Joining a meeting

Instant entry and pre-registration

If your chairperson has scheduled a BT Managed Event Premium meeting with instant entry and pre-registration, simply follow the instructions in your email invitation.

Meeting entry options

There are various ways for you and your participants to access your BT Managed Event Premium meeting. For each call that you book, you may choose the option that best fits your needs - whether you require fast and easy entry or data collection for each participant.

Pre-registration - organise and manage your BT Managed Event Premium meeting

Pre-registration is an optional feature that automates and organises the BT Event Call experience for both the organiser and participants. The automated registration process provides the organiser with valuable participant information prior to the call, ensuring that they know who they are communicating with. Pre-registration allows participants direct and timely access to the meeting, eliminating the need for operator assistance.

Benefits of pre-registration

Organisers are automatically equipped with the necessary tools required to set up an effective call. After completing the simple booking process, organisers are provided with:

  •  speaker and participant email invitations pre-populated with registration details. Organisers have the option to include a personal greeting or message
  •   dedicated web site where participants are guided through the simple registration process.

Organisers receive the participants' pre-registration information before the meeting, giving the organiser chairperson a preview of the audience.

  • Pre-registration helps organisers make sure that required participants are in attendance and the target audience is being reached. This gives the organisers a chance to send a meeting reminder to those who’ve not yet pre-registered
  •  Organisers can request up to 10 additional pieces of information from participants in addition to the required first and last name. Popular requests include organisation, employee ID, cost centre, email address, telephone number and location. This speeds up follow-up conversations with participants.

Organisers can predict demand for telephone lines before the meeting takes place

  • The meeting reservation can be properly sized by the number of registered participants. This feature helps prevent paying for unutilised telephone lines.

Participants enjoy a simple registration process

  • Participants register for meeting via a dedicated web site and automatically receive a confirmation that includes dial-in and passcodes·
  • Microsoft® Outlook, appointments can be automatically added to participants' calendars. The appointment is populated with dial-in and joining instructions saving the hassle of manually capturing the details.

Joining a Managed Event Premium meeting

  • Pre-registration automates the entry of participants into meetings. Participants simply enter their passcode and a unique 5 digit PIN number with no need to wait in a queue to speak with an operator to join the meeting. With automated entry, participants are rapidly placed into the meeting, so it starts on time and saves money.

Get immediate post-meeting attendance report

  • The organiser can instantly identify who has and hasn't attended the meeting. Printed or exported as a text file make reporting manageable for large meetings and can be used effectively for targeted follow-up communications to both attendees and non-attendees.


BT Event Call offers a complete range of easy-to-use features that help make sure your meetings are as efficient, productive and successful as possible.

Features available before the call

Feature  Benefit

Global dial-in                                         (Available with My Meeting Manager)
Simplify access to your meetings by providing local, in-country telephone numbers for participants from over 70 countries.
Meeting entry
(Available with My Meeting Manager)
Tailor your participants' entry into your meeting, using either instant access or pre-registration.
(Available with My Meeting Manager)
Track meeting registration and attendance, with the option to collect additional information about individuals* who register for your meeting, helping you to plan your message and the number of telephone lines needed.
Restricted list  Enhance the privacy of your meeting by admitting only those participants identified on a list you provide. (Recommend up to 50 participants)

Features available during the call

Feature Benefit
Audio streaming Broadcast your live or pre-recorded meeting to a wider audience by streaming (webcasting) your event over the internet.
Communication line Communicate with your Event Manager over a separate and discrete line during your meeting to co-ordinate the flow of your meeting.
Language The BT Event Operator service can be provided in languages other than English subject to availability and provided this is requested at the time of booking. Languages available: French, German, Italian, Spanish and Japanese
(Available with My Meeting Manager)
Mute all lines, apart from the speaker's, to reduce background noise.
Mute Participants can mute their own phone line to eliminate background noise.
Question & answer
(Available with My Meeting Manager)
Typically used after a lecture or a presentation, Participants can use their telephone keypad to signal that they wish to ask a question. The questioner’s identity is displayed to the BT Event Manager who allows questions to be asked.
Vantage Point View all aspects of your BT Event Call with a real-time, web-based application. With Vantage Point you can view a list of the participants in your meeting, prioritise the question and answer queue and chat directly with your Event Manager.
(Available with My Meeting Manager)
Solicit feedback during your meeting by having participants use their telephone key pad or participants use their keyboard to answer the question for webex to give instant feedback based on multiple-choice questions.
Web collaboration Add a visual element to your meetings by using webex conferencing to complement your BT Managed Event Premium meeting — share documents and presentations.

Features that will be sent post call

Feature Benefit
Pre-registration attendance list You can view or download a pre-registration attendance list for your meeting. (Available with the 'pre-registration' meeting entry option.)
Replay audio 
(Available with My Meeting Manager)
Have your recorded meetings made available for replay over the telephone. Available 24 hours after the call ends as standard service
Transcription Obtain a text version of your meeting. The audio meeting can be recorded and a typed transcript delivered to the Chairperson by post or e-mail. Available 24 hours of the call finishing as standard service. 90 mins for 24 hours. If >90 mins then 48 hours. Over 240mins time on request
Digital recording
(Available with My Meeting Manager)

Have your meeting recorded digitally and made available for future reference.

Please note: The audio recording portal is not used for Managed Event meetings only meetme recordings. Customers are sent an audio recording by email or if a webex recording a web url is sent to the customer so that they can playback or download if available.

Digital Audio recording
(Available with My Meeting Manager)
The Managed Event audio meeting will be recorded and sent by email to the Chairperson
Digital webex recording  The Managed Event with webex will be recorded and a web link sent by email to the Chairperson. Available for 90 days

Certain features carry an additional charge. Not all features are available with all meeting entry options. Please contact the help desk for more details.

* Subject to the Data Protection Act.

Best practices

These simple steps will help you get the most out of your Event meeting.

Before the meeting :

  •  set meeting times that work across time zones — remember your participants may be in time zones other than your own
  •  double check the confirmation email for accuracy — be sure to check the details of your confirmation email upon to receipt to ensure accuracy
  •  cancel a call —please contact the help desk at least 24 hours prior to start time to avoid cancellation charges that may apply.

During the meeting :

  •  begin and end meetings on time — if you are the host of the meeting, call a few minutes early. Use the extra time to greet presenters or discuss any last minute concerns with the operator
  •  for interactive meetings, participants may mute their phones by pressing ‘*6’ —if you have a large meeting, your meeting will generally be listen only. However, if you have an interactive call, participants may mute and unmute their lines

Note: If you’re the host or speaker, the feature to mute/unmute does not apply.

  • help is always available by pressing ‘*0’
  • for all BT Managed Event Premium meetings, the operator will be monitoring your call for help signals.

Note: For security reasons, the operator isn’t listening, but is monitoring the call in case of any issues.

After the meeting :

  •   if you recorded the meeting, remind participants (and other invitees who didn't attend the meeting) that there is a replay and recording available (if applicable)
  •   post-call features, such as a pre-registration attendance list or a recording of the meeting, will be sent to the host after the meeting.

Help desk phone numbers

If you need further help, please contact one of our global helpdesk advisers.