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BT Managed Event Premium Services

For meetings that demand greater control and functionality, BT Managed Event Premium Services features a highly trained coordinator, who assists with scheduling, greeting, and connecting participants. BT Operator Assisted Event Call can be enhanced with BT Event Call features as required. This service is ideally suited to sales presentations, product introductions, seminars, and lectures.

There are three different ways of joining a call for Managed Event Premium Services.

  1. Managed Event Premium Instant Entry (Automated): Users enter a one-time-use passcode for immediate entry into the call. This is the most popular type of service and entry method used to join a managed event
  2. Managed Event Premium Instant Entry with Pre-registration: In addition to Instant Entry, participants register online and are given a 5 digit unique PIN, allowing you to collect information before the call
  3. Managed Event Premium Meet & Greet: Participants dial-in and are entered into a queue to be answered by an operator; they are asked for their passcode and any required information before joining the call.

Key features

  • security improved with unique passcodes for the chairperson and participants for each meeting
  • meeting co-ordinator assistance, as required
  • the BT Operator can conduct a private, secure speaker sub-conference with only the chairperson and speakers to discuss any key items, messages etc. before the main call starts. The participants in the main meeting will join with music on hold until the chair is ready for the call to start
  • Q&A: Typically used after a lecture or a presentation, participants can use their telephone keypad to signal that they wish to ask a question. The questioner’s identity is displayed to the BT Event manager who allows questions to be asked
  • lecture mode: Mute all lines, apart from the speaker's, to reduce background noise
  • Webex meeting: Add a visual element to your meetings by using Webex conferencing to complement your BT Managed Event Premium conference Call — share documents and presentations
  • audio or Webex recording: The Managed Event audio meeting will be recorded and made available 24hours after the event.

*Certain features carry an additional charge. Not all features are available with all meeting entry options. Please contact the help desk for further details.

Help desk phone numbers

If you need further help, please contact one of our global helpdesk advisers.