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BT MeetMe Outlook Add-in


The BT MeetMe add-in lets users schedule and launch BT MeetMe meetings from their desktop.

Yes, we’re offering this productivity-enhancing feature for free to all BT MeetMe customers.

Absolutely, the add-in is a supplemental feature that doesn’t interfere with other Microsoft Outlook functions.

If you change your PC, you’ll need to re-install the add-in and sign in again.

The add-in is a value-added feature for BT MeetMe customers only. To open a BT MeetMe account, please visit the sign-up page.

Installation and setup

If you’re permitted to install software on your PC, you can download and install the add-in from here. Otherwise, please contact your IT administrator.

To install and operate the add-in, you need a Windows PC, Outlook 2010 or 2013, internet access, and a valid BT MeetMe account.

The add-in is activated by entering your email address and chairperson passcode for your BT MeetMe account the first time you sign in.

Please make sure your internet connection is active and that you’ve clicked on the link to download. If you’re still having difficulty, please contact your IT administrator.

If you’ve successfully downloaded the application but it fails to install, please contact your IT administrator and make sure your PC is permitted to install software without an administrator login.

If you’re still experiencing difficulties, please contact your organisation's IT help desk for support. Please make a note of any error messages you’re getting from the system and make sure you’re connected to the internet.

This can occur for two known reasons:

  1. you have software installed that recognises applications not approved by your IT organisation and it’s automatically been removed
  2. the add-in could have been disabled by Outlook.

Check ‘Tools’ > ‘Trust Centre’ > ‘Add-ins’. You should see MeetMe Outlook Add-in... listed under ‘Active Applications’. If it’s listed under ‘Disabled’ or ‘Inactive Add-ins’, it needs moving to ‘Active Applications’.

For Outlook 365 or 2016 or newer, click “File > Slow and Disable COM Add-ins”. Find “MeetMe Outlook Add-In” and click the button “Enable this add-in”.

Using the add-in

To start your meeting from the add-in, click on the ‘Meet Now’ button on the Outlook ribbon or on the reminder which pops up on your computer at a set time prior to the call. You’ll be presented with join methods. If using BT MeetMe with Dolby Voice, you'll be able to join via computer. If using a standard telephone, you may choose a phone number and click on the join button. Wait for your phone to ring. When you answer it, you’ll be connected to your meeting. In addition, your web browser will open and connect you to the BT MeetMe web portal.

You can add, edit or remove a ‘call back’ number by clicking ‘Settings’ button in the Outlook toolbar. From there, click on the ‘Phone Numbers’ tab to make changes. Click ‘Apply’ to save changes.

You can launch the BT MeetMe web portal in a view-only mode from the reminder. When the reminder appears prior to the call, click on ‘View Participants’.

Dial-in numbers

Yes. When you use the add-in to schedule a meeting, you have the option to select which country dial-in numbers to include in your invitation. Your settings can be saved for the next time you schedule a meeting. To do that, check ‘Remember Details’.

The add-in will refresh phone numbers and passcodes on a weekly basis. If you need to refresh manually, you can use the ‘Settings’ > ‘Sign Out’. Then, you can sign back in with the appropriate chairperson passcode.

Adding or removing BT MeetMe accounts

You can remove an account from appearing in the add-in by going to ‘Settings’ > ‘Remove Accounts’. Click on the small arrow at the bottom of the ‘Settings’ button.

Yes. Support for adding accounts for ‘on-behalf-of’ booking is a feature of the BT MeetMe add-in. To implement, go to the ‘Settings’ button, click on the ‘Account Settings’ tab and then click on the ‘Add Account link’.

If you have more than one BT MeetMe meeting, you can sign in using any valid pair of email addresses and chairperson passcodes assigned to your billing account. The add-in will download meeting details for all of the BT MeetMe accounts that are assigned to your billing account.

Keeping your chairperson passcode secure

If you need to change the time of a meeting created with the BT MeetMe add-in for Outlook, you need to be signed in to the add-in when you reschedule. Because the add-in automatically saves the chairperson details to your calendar, if you’re NOT signed in, the add-in isn’t running and you can’t stop the chairperson passcodes from being sent out to your participants.

If you originally scheduled a meeting with the BT MeetMe add-in for Outlook, your chairperson details are saved to YOUR calendar. If you need to reschedule in web mail, the web mail app will update the calendar invite with your existing chairperson details and send it out to your participants. To avoid this, it’s recommended you reschedule in Outlook while signed into the BT MeetMe add-in. If you need to reschedule using web mail, you need to manually edit the invitation to remove your confidential chairperson passcode and replace with your participant passcode.

If you schedule a meeting with the BT MeetMe add-in for Outlook and then open the invite and reply all, you’ll be sending whatever text is in the body of the invite to participants. To avoid this, delete any confidential information, including your chairperson passcode, before sending the email.


The BT MeetMe and Webex add-ins work side-by-side, but they can’t be used together on the same meeting invite. If you want to hold a Webex-oriented call, we recommend using the Webex add-in to schedule. If you want to hold an audio call that isn’t Webex-oriented, use the BT MeetMe add-in. Please note that should you change your mind and want to launch Webex ad-hoc during an in-progress audio call, you’ll be offered the ability to ‘Share My Screen’ with participants who also join screen sharing.

More help

If you need help with the add-in, please contact your helpdesk by telephone or email. Please make a note of what version of Microsoft Outlook and Microsoft Windows you’re using. If possible, please note the date and time of the problem and any steps you were taking at the time of the problem.


With version 1.56 and above, the BT MeetMe add-in for Outlook can notify you when a new version is available. 
It will:

  • automatically show pop-up notification when new version is available
  • show 'Check for updates' button in Settings to allow for manual checks
  • shows a 'Download' button which leads to this page.

If your organization does not allow individual users to download and install software, there are other options available. If you require any option other than 'Auto (default)', please contact your sales representative or service manager so we can enable this on your account.




To uninstall the add-in, please go to your ‘Microsoft® Windows Start’ > ‘Control Panel’ > ‘Add or Remove Programs’. Find the application named ‘MeetMe Outlook Add-in’ and click on the ‘Remove’ button.

Help desk phone numbers

Please browse our guide and if you can't resolve your questions, contact one of our global helpdesk advisers.