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Immediately, there’s no need to activate it. Simply follow the steps in the ‘Join or Host a meeting’ section.

Give your participants the meeting date, start time, time zone, link to the dial-in telephone numbers and the participant passcode.

MeetMe settings can be changed online or via the helpdesk.

Options are available for both entry and exit of participants including: no announcement, a tone, a generic announcement ‘Someone has joined the call’, or a personal announcement that gives the participant's name.

All you need is a telephone and keypad, the dial-in number and passcode.

MeetMe dial-in numbers allow participants to dial in to the meeting from anywhere in the world using a toll free or local number.

Local numbers are easier to dial and more cost-effective than using international or toll free numbers.

Press *0 on your telephone keypad during the call to reach a meeting coordinator who may ask you:

  • who’s experiencing the issue?
  • what problem are you experiencing?
  •  when did the problem occur?
  •  what telephone number did the person dial?
  • what was the telephone number the person dialled from? Or 'the On-Net number’ if the person received an On-Net call back?
  • what was the type of telephone used (e.g. mobile, landline, or IP phone)?

If unable to reach the operator using *0, please contact the helpdesk.  

Yes, the chairperson can stop the recording by pressing *8 and start another recording by pressing *8 again.

* 6 - mute on / off – if you’re in a noisy environment or on a mobile phone, you can mute your line. Any participant can mute their own line when not speaking. This will reduce background noise in the meeting.

Try not to use a speaker phone. If unavoidable, use the mute function when not speaking and move any other meeting equipment - e.g. projectors - away from the microphones.

* 0 - operator assistance – use this function if you still find you’re having sound problems and a meeting coordinator will help you.

An international dial-in number allows participants from over 70 countries to join the call with a local dial-in number, saving them the cost of an international call.

It can also be used by participants located in a country that is not listed, so they can use the international number of the country nearest to them.

MeetMe Recording

MeetMe Recording allows you to instantly record your BT MeetMe meetings by pressing *8 on your telephone keypad. Once the call is completed, the chairperson can download the recording and either share or archive it.

Yes – press *8 on your telephone keypad and your recording will begin. Press *8 again if you wish to stop the recording.

Yes, there is. Please refer to your service terms and conditions for the details.

When your meeting ends, the chairperson will receive an email with a URL that will take them to where they can retrieve the recording. 

Conference Level Passcode (CLP)

You can refer back to the meeting invite that you sent to your participants, or when you dial into your meeting, simply press #6 and select the option to replay your CLP.

You can have up to 18 numbers in your CLP.

No, the system will only accept numbers (up to 18).

No, a CLP only needs to be added to your meetings that need an additional layer of security.

These participants won't be able to join unless you unlock the meeting. (The CLP will have no effect on this.)

If you have a different CLP for your next meeting, you should press #6 and select the option to either change your CLP (*2) or delete it (*3).

No, the CLP is not a bill back code. It’s a one-time code that is only used for meeting entry, so there won’t be a reference for that meeting on your bill.

Sub Conferencing


No, only your main conference will be recorded.

Yes, the chairperson can. Roll call will identify participants in any meeting where the command is initiated.

Yes, the chairperson can mute any meeting where the command is initiated.

All participants can be in one sub-conference (although then it really isn't a sub conference) or they can be split. But you can’t have more participants in a sub-conference than your main conference limit.

Record all conferences

Simply contact the helpdesk.

Standard recording charges apply and are billed to the call chairperson.

No, only the main conference can be recorded.

Help desk phone numbers

If you need further help, please contact one of our global helpdesk advisers.