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Inviting people to your meeting

When scheduling meetings using Outlook (or another calendar application), include in your invitation: the BT MeetMe URL, country dial-in numbers, and participant passcode. Use the sample below as a guide.

Sample invitation

The following is an example. Replace the passcode and dial-in numbers with the information from your new account email.

Copy and paste this sample invitation into your meeting invite:

Meeting details

Please join my meeting by computer or smart phone: type your participant passcode here

Use a stereo headset for the best sound quality.

Or join by phone with these dial-in numbers and passcode: 

[** Populate the numbers below, as required for your attendees**]


Participant passcode: [type your participant passcode here] ~ then #

If your country is not listed above, click here to view more country dial-in numbers [include your 'more country dial-in numbers' link which should match the link in your new account email]

IMPORTANT: The above template uses placeholders for the participant passcode, phone numbers and 'more country dial-in numbers' link. You should edit the information so that the meeting details match what was provided in your new account email:

  • replace any passcode references with the participant passcode in your new account email
  • update the countries and phone numbers to match those behind the View more country dial-in numbers link in your new account email
  • update the View more country dial-in numbers link to match the link in your email.

Help desk phone numbers

If you need further help, please contact one of our global helpdesk advisers.