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Getting started

View technical requirements

1. Before your first meeting, try starting a call with your chairperson credentials:

  1. Go to
  2. Enter your chairperson credentials:
    - Your first and last names
    - Your email address
    - You chairperson passcode
  3. Click Continue

2. Select how you want to join and follow the instructions on screen.


Easiest way

If you have Windows and Microsoft Office

The easiest way is to download and install the BT MeetMe add-in for Outlook.

Manual way

If you have a Mac or do not have Microsoft Office

See your welcome email for the information you need to include to create an invitation.

Tip: You may want to save this as part of your email signature or as a template in your calendaring program.

During a meeting

Inviting new participants by email

While in a meeting, you as a chairperson can email the meeting details to participants.

Scroll down to Invite more participants then clicking Invite by email. This will launch your email program with all the information necessary that you can send in email.

Inviting new participants by phone

Scroll down to Invite more participants then click Dial out to a participant. Enter the participant's name, country and phone number. Then click Call participant now.

Joining a meeting with the web portal

There are 2 ways you can get to the web portal.

1. From calendar invite

In your meeting invite, click on the blue URL below 'Join the meeting online'. This URL already has the participant passcode built into it to make it easier for you invitees to join.

As the chairperson, you will have to enter your chairperson passcode.

TIP: It is much easier to join from the "Meet Now" button in the ribbon or from the meeting reminder alert since the applications will immediately connect you without having to re-enter your chairperson passcode.

2. Go directly to

In your web browser, go to

Enter your name, email address and passcode.

The next screen with joining options depends on the features enabled on your account.

Using computer

You can select I'll join the meeting using my computer. This will let you join using Voice over IP, which is the most cost-effective option.

Requires a USB stereo headset.

Using "Have the meeting call me" (dial-back)

If you have dial back enabled, you can select I'd like the meeting to call me on my phone. Select your country, enter your phone number, and the system will call you.

If you want the see the meeting viewer which contains a list of participants, click Yes.

Using "I'll call in"

The web portal can show you all the available dial-in numbers by country. Find the dial-in number that matches your country. If there is no match, you can easily find a nearby country.

The passcode is also on this screen for easy reference and you have the option of seeing the meeting roster.

After joining this way, you will be prompted to enter an identity token to link your name and number to the meeting roster.

Using the web portal to control your call

Accessing the web portal

You can access the web portal by using one of the methods below.

1. Meet Now button in ribbon

You can join faster this way because your login credentials are already validated.

For more information on launching from the add-in, see Joining a meeting from "Meet Now" button.

2. From meeting reminder

Clicking Join online meeting or Call me are also fast and easy ways to join.

For more information, see Joining a meeting from a reminder

3. Go directly to

You can go directly to the web portal. You will have to enter your name, email address and passcode to join the meeting. You can also bookmark it for easier access later.

Conference controls

Once in the portal as a chairperson, you'll have several conference-level commands you can use.


As a chairperson you may mute yourself, mute all, or mute individual users.

Record audio

Chairpersons can record their audio conferences. When you click on the Record audio button, the button will change to Stop recording and red indicating that the call is being recorded.

Attendees will hear an audio prompt that the call is being recorded.

Chairperson view

Play names

When a chairperson clicks on the Play names button, all participants in the call will hear the recorded name of each attendee. The system plays back the recorded name of each participant that they recorded when they joined the meeting.

Lock / unlock meeting

Locking the meeting prevents new people from joining. This is an important and effective security feature.

A participant trying to join a locked meeting will hear an audio message that the meeting is locked and thus they cannot join. A participant joining via the web portal will not be allowed into the meeting and will receive a message that they have left the meeting.

Unlocked meeting

Locked meeting (no one can join)

Edit names

Participants who dial in by phone will show up in the roster as Unknown.

You add the person's name by clicking Unknown or the pencil icon and typing in the box.

Active speaker

Active speaker icon identifies who is speaking in the roster. It's a person icon with animated green lines moving outward.

Getting help

If you are having problems with the call, there are 2 ways to get an operator to assist you.

  • If you are on a standard telephone line, press * 0 on your phone.
  • If you are in the portal, you may click on the Help link to open a screen with FAQs. Then click the button Request Operator Support.

Inviting new participants by email

As a chairperson, if you need to invite or add new participants during your call, you may do that from the web portal.

You can email from the web portal by scrolling down to Invite more participants then clicking Invite by email. Your meeting details will launch as an email invite which you can then send to new participants.

You can also look up dial-in numbers by country scrolling down to Invite more participants then clicking Dial-in Numbers.

Dialing out to new participants

You can invite participants by having the system dial out directly to them.

Scroll down to Invite more participants, then click on Dial out to a participant

Enter the name and phone number, then click on Call participant now.

You will see a dialogue window giving you the option to cancel or return to the conference.

The participant will receive a phone call. When they answer, the audio prompt will inform them that they have been invited to a conference call and will instruct them to enter *1 to join.

And the participant will show up in the roster with that name and number.

Remove participants

You can remove individual participants from the call by choosing the

button in line with the participant's name.


Then click Remove in the dialogue box.

End meeting

At the end of the call, you can Leave the meeting to end the call. If your BT MeetMe account settings allow, you can choose to leave the meeting as the chairperson but Keep it running for participants that need to continue with the discussion. More often, you will Close the meeting for all.

Help desk phone numbers

If you need further help, please contact one of our global helpdesk advisers.