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Setting up the BT MeetMe add-in for Microsoft Outlook

  1. After installation, you’ll be prompted to connect your BT MeetMe account.
    Enter your:
    - email address
    - BT MeetMe chairperson passcode

    Click ‘Sign in’

    Please note: you need to be online with an internet connection to connect your account.

  2. After successfully connecting, the setting screen will show ‘My info’. If you want, you can change your default time zone and country. Click ‘Next’. (Clicking on the tabs only works after set up is complete).

  3. On the ‘Account setting’ tab, you can update your name, account nickname, and the text that appears in the ‘Meeting Location’ field of your invites. Click ‘Next’ to go to the next section.

    If you have more than one account, choose an account as your default and decide if you want to have meeting reminders turned on or off. Use the arrows to move from account to account and setup your information for each account.

  4. On the ‘Phone Numbers’ tab, you can enter the phone numbers you’d like BT MeetMe to use if you’ll be using the ‘Quickjoin’ feature.
    ‘Quickjoin’ is an automated service where the BT MeetMe system dials to your phone to connect you to the  meeting when using the ‘Meet Now’ button or meeting reminder alert. Not all customers enable the ‘Quickjoin’ dial-back service.

Scheduling a meeting

Scheduling a meeting with BT MeetMe add-in for Outlook

  1. From the ‘Home’ tab in Outlook ribbon, click on ‘Schedule Meeting’.

  2. This will open a calendar invite and automatically insert the joining details for your participants.

  3. If you want to modify the dial-in numbers, click ‘Add Meeting Details’ and see ‘Modifying dial-in numbers’ for instructions.

On behalf of

Scheduling on behalf of another BT MeetMe chairperson

  1. After setting up your own BT MeetMe account(s), click on the ‘Add Account’ link to connect to an account in which you’ll be scheduling meetings.

    This is a common scenario for personal assistants or other delegates in Outlook.

  2. Enter the email address and chairperson passcode of the account you’ll be adding to connect the add-in.

  3. Once connected, set up the details of the account as described in the ‘Set up’.

    Change the ‘Account Nickname’ so you can easily identify the account associated with another BT MeetMe user.

  4. To schedule a new meeting with the added account, click on ‘Schedule Meeting’ in the Outlook ribbon. The new meeting invite will contain your default dial-in information in the body text.

  5. Click on ‘Add Meeting Details’ in the calendar invite to change to the added account.

  6. At the top of the screen, click on the down arrow next to the account nickname to display the available BT MeetMe accounts.

  7. Choose the account you’re scheduling ‘on-behalf-of’ and click on ‘Add Meeting Details’ again to insert the dial-in details for that account.

  8. Complete filling in the ‘To’ and ‘Subject’ fields, meeting date and time, and any text in the body of the invite. Click ‘Send’ to complete the scheduling.

Modifying dial-in numbers

Modifying your dial-in numbers with the BT MeetMe add-in

  1. BT MeetMe provides local dial-in numbers for approximately 70 countries. When you first create an invite, the add-in will try to insert the numbers for your country in the ‘My Info’ tab in the add-in's settings.

    To change the list of numbers displayed, click on ‘Add Meeting Details’ from a calendar invite.

  2. Next click on ‘Select Dial in Numbers’

  3. Select toll and toll-free numbers from the country list by checking the box next to the numbers. Click on ‘Add Numbers’ when you’re done selecting.

  4. If you want to save the changes you made for this and future invites, check the box ‘Remember Details’.

    Then click on ‘Add Details’ to insert the new information into the meeting invite.

  5. People receiving your invite (meeting participants) will see the dial-in information you chose.

Joining a meeting from a reminder

  1. When scheduling meeting with the Outlook add-in, you can set a meeting reminder.

  2. Before your BT MeetMe call, a reminder will pop-up at the time you set when creating the meeting.

Reminders can be turned on / off for each BT MeetMe account in the ‘Settings’ menu.

From the reminder pop-up, you’ll be able to:
- join online meeting  (this only appears for Computer Audio users)
- have the system call you
- dial-in using your phone
- view participants.

You may also choose to ‘Snooze’ the reminder for a few minutes or ‘Dismiss’ the reminder without any other action.

  1. If you click on ‘Join online meeting’, ‘Call me’, or ‘Dial-in using my phone’, the system will automatically open the BT MeetMe web portal using your chairperson credentials without you having to login.

    This is the same functionality as clicking the 'Meet Now' button within the add-in.

    Using ‘Join online meeting’

    Using ‘Call me’

    Using ‘Dial-in using my phone’
  2. If you want to monitor who’s in your call before joining yourself, click on ‘View Participants’ to open a view-only version of the BT MeetMe web portal.

    From there, you may ‘Join the meeting’ to begin hosting or ‘End the meeting’ for all participants.

Joining from ‘Meet Now’ button

  1. If you’re hosting a meeting, the ‘Meet Now’ button is a fast and easy way to join. Most people use this if reminders are disabled.

    How you join depends on the features enabled on your account.

  2. Note: ‘Meet Now’ will launch your default MeetMe account.

  3. When using a web browser
    The ‘Meet Now’ button will automatically pass your log in credentials and chairperson passcode to the web portal, and assumes you want to use your computer to join the call (Voice over IP).

  4. With Dial-back
    If your account has dial-back enabled, the system will call the default phone number you have chosen in the ‘Settings’ menu.

  5. Make sure you have completed setup and have selected your default phone number.

  6. Dial in manually
    If neither of the above features are enabled, the system will bring you to the web portal and find the dial-in number that matches your country. If there’s no match, you can easily find a nearby country.

    The passcode is also on this screen for easy reference and you have the option of seeing the meeting roster.

    After joining this way, you’ll be prompted to enter an identity token to link your name and number to the meeting roster.

Joining from the invite

As the chairperson, you can join from the invitation stored in your calendar. But, it will have your participant passcode so you’ll have to manually enter your chairperson passcode.

TIP: It’s much easier to join from the ‘Meet Now’ button in the ribbon or from the meeting reminder alert since the applications will immediately connect you without having to re-enter your chairperson passcode.

Note: Most of these options depend on your account settings and you may not have all of them.

  1. Join the meeting online

     If you have Computer Audio enabled, this is the easiest and most cost-effective way to join.

    Clicking the blue URL will bring you to the web portal and automatically insert the meeting passcode.

  2. Have the meeting call me
    If dial-back is enabled on your account, clicking or tapping the blue link ‘Have the meeting call me’ will have the system call you.

    If you're the chairperson, it will call you at the default dial-in number in ‘Settings’.

    If you're a participant, the web portal will ask you for your name, email address and your phone number.

  3. Or just call
    You can dial in manually by using one of the listed dial in numbers.

    If you need a dial-in number for another country, click or tap, ‘View a full list’ after ‘Need additional local numbers?’

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