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FAQs for computer

Your BT MeetMe with Dolby Voice account email and this user guide both contain information that will help you set up meetings and invite participants to join them. See Inviting people to your meeting.

When a user joins your meeting via the Dolby Voice interface, if they elect to use a telephone to dial in to the meeting, or to have the meeting dial out to them, their telephone number is then associated with their "user" within the Dolby Voice meeting viewer. This allows the Dolby Voice interface to provide the ability to 'reconnect' on that number if a telephone user is disconnected:


Yes, the service is fully compatible with Mac operating systems.

Yes, you can join using a mobile web browser or the smartphone app, however the Dolby Voice audio separation and HD audio, and ability to control your meetings is only available with the BT MeetMe with Dolby Voice mobile app for iPhone or Android and requires a Wi-Fi or mobile data connection.

Yes, all major browsers are supported.

Please re-check the instructions in your BT MeetMe with Dolby Voice account email. Contact the Help desk if you have re-checked the instructions and are still having problems accessing.

Check your headset is plugged in and properly selected by the Dolby client. We recommend that you plug in your headset at least 30 seconds before you start your call in order for your computer to fully recognize your headset and show this as the active device when you join your conference.

There are two likely causes of this error: either you may have accidentally added a space into the passcode field, maybe as part of a cut and paste, or you may be using the wrong email address in the email field. The system will validate the passcode against the email address for chairpersons, please ensure you use the correct combination. The passcode must have no spaces or other characters, such as #, in the passcode field.

Wi-Fi solutions can introduce delay so it is recommended that you do not connect via Wi-Fi when you have important calls on the Dolby system. Corporate VPN can also sometimes introduce a slight delay that can be quickly improved by logging out of the VPN just before a BT MeetMe with Dolby Voice meeting. This is a useful tip to share with your participants.

The two primary reasons why echo is introduced into a call are: the use of speaker phones - we strongly recommend that speaker phones are not used for this service; and the Dolby user interface has selected the PC microphone and not the microphone on the headset. If this happened, please select your headset under the audio settings panel on the user interface.

Audio quality can be affected by many things; Wi-Fi connections can introduce poor quality audio. If in doubt please run a speed check on your computer by going to You want to see at least 100kbs in both upstream and downstream.

This may happen depending upon the type of headset and interaction with other UC programmes on your PC. Making your headset the default device for playback and recording will often fix this issue. For Windows, right click on the speaker icon in the bottom right of your screen, and select either recording devices or playback devices.

This may happen depending upon the type of headset and interaction with other UC programmes on your PC. Making your headset the default device for playback and recording will often fix this issue. For Windows, right click on the speaker icon in the bottom right of your screen, and select either recording devices or playback devices.

With version 45, Chrome no longer supports plug-ins and requires extensions. You need to install the latest Dolby Voice plug-in and give the new extension permission to run.

  1. Download the latest Dolby Voice plug-in here
  2. Restart Chrome
  3. You should get a prompt asking to enable the Dolby Voice 1.1. Click Enable extension
  4. If you don't see this, go directly to the Chrome Web Store
  5. Click the blue Add to Chrome button or click the link Enable this item in the yellow bar at the top
  6. Restart Chrome and join your meeting

With the update to version 42, Chrome turned off plug-ins. You need to change one of your settings.

  1. Copy and paste this text into a new Chrome browser tab:
  2. Click Enable link
  3. In bottom left corner, click Relaunch Now button

  4. When Chrome reopens, go to
  5. Then join your meeting

I followed the instructions but it still doesn't work.

If you clicked the Relaunch Now button and it still doesn't work, you may have more instances of Chrome running in the background. To find them:

  1. Open Task Manager by pressing Ctrl+Shift+Esc on your keyboard
  2. On the Process Tab, click Image Name
  3. Find and select any chrome.exe
  4. Click End Process
  5. Repeat steps 3-4 for each instance of chrome.exe
  6. Then quit and relaunch Chrome

You might also have to purge your cache. To do that, you need to:

  1. In Chrome, press Ctrl+H on your keyboard
  2. Click Clear browsing data
  3. Check:

- Browsing history

- Download history

- Cookies and other site and plug-in data

- Cached images and files

- Hosted app data

- Content licenses

  1. Click Clear browsing data
  2. Now quit and relaunch Chrome

You might also have to give permission for the Dolby Voice plug-in to run. To do that, you need to:

  1. Open a new tab in Chrome by pressing Ctrl+T on your keyboard
  2. Copy and paste this into the address bar: chrome://plugins/
  3. Find Dolby Voice Client
  4. Click Enable
  5. (Optional) Check Always allowed to run
  6. Now quit and relaunch Chrome

A ActiveX Filtering is blocking the Dolby plug-in. You need to turn off ActiveX Filtering. To do that:

  1. at the end of the address box, click the icon This icon is a blue circle with a diagonal line from left to right.
  2. then click Turn off ActiveX Filtering

-- OR --

  1. Click on the Tools icon This icon looks like a cog. in the upper right corner or press Alt+X on your keyboard
  2. Select Safety
  3. Uncheck ActiveX Filtering.

I get a message asking me to allow the Dolby Voice plug-in to run. Which settings do I need to change?

Generally, you need to enable ActiveX in Internet Explorer. Most of the time, Internet Explorer will prompt you and you only need to click Allow in the bar at the bottom of the window. If you want to avoid these prompts, you can make the changes below. You may need your system administrator to make these changes for you.

  1. Click on the Tools icon  in the upper right corner or press Alt+X on your keyboard
  2. Then click Internet Options
  3. On the Security tab, select Internet.

Then choose one of these sections to follow:

  1. In "Security Level for this zone", click Default Level
  2. Restart Internet Explorer.
  1. Click Trusted Sites
  2. Click Sites button
  3. In "Add this website to the zone:", enter *
  4. Click Save
  5. You may have to adjust "Security Level for this zone" to Medium or Medium-Low
  6. Restart Internet Explorer.
  1. Click Custom level... button
  2. Then set these options to Enable:

- automatic prompting for ActiveX controls

- download signed ActiveX controls

- run ActiveX controls and plug-ins

- Script ActiveX controls marked safe for scripting

3. Restart Internet Explorer.

Yes, by selecting 'I will dial into the meeting using my own phone' in stage 2 of the joining process. Note that users joining this way will not get the high quality wideband spatial audio experience and their voice will be heard by others in a lower quality (narrowband).

Most USB headsets should work.

We recommend that loudspeakers are not used. The system is optimised for headset use. Please don't use it as a loudspeaking conference unit because it could degrade the experience for other people in the conference.

100kbits/sec downstream and 100kbits/sec upstream. You can test the speed of your Internet connection on several popular websites, for example

No, it should work over any network provided there is sufficient bandwidth. Note that a wired connection will generally perform better than Wi-Fi.

FAQs for smartphone

The quality of the audio experience will depend on the quality of your Wi-Fi or mobile data connection. If you are on a weak data signal or move into an area where your signal strength drops, you may experience poor audio quality on the call.

To help you understand what is happening the app is constantly monitoring the quality of your connection to the meeting. If you see the red alert icon in the Connection tab, either:

  1. Move to an area of stronger signal strength such as closer to the Wi-Fi router, or
  2. Tap the "Connection" tab, then choose how to reconnect to the meeting by tapping either "Dial in by phone" or "Receive a call back".These options do not use data and will join you to the meeting using the mobile phone network. You will not need to re-enter the meeting passcode.

The meeting is automatically put on hold when another application plays audio, such as a notification. If you wish to stop audio notifications, you can disable notifications on an app-by-app basis from settings, notifications or you can mute all sounds by putting your phone into silent or "Do Not Disturb (DND)" mode before joining the meeting.

FAQs for IT admins

Yes, it is compatible. In InTune, you need to wrap and resign the MeetMe mobile app, then apply a security policy that allows apps to cut and paste. Details are here:                                                               

This will allow users to copy and paste the meeting passcodes from Outlook into the MeetMe mobile app.

Help desk phone numbers

If you need further help, please contact one of our global helpdesk advisers.