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My Meeting Manager

General faqs

With My Meeting Manager you can:

  • view a summary of your collaboration account
  • add or remove services
  • view your usage and pay your bill
  • book and manage BT Event Calls
  • update your details
  • access help and support.

Yes. You can do this by either: opening a new collaboration account for your organisation, or adding yourself as a contact within your organisation’s existing collaboration account

If you already have a username and password for My Meeting Manager, you can log into My Meeting Manager.

If not, simply click on the ‘Sign up’ tab and then add yourself to your organsation’s existing account.  

An account will be created for you and your My Meeting Manager login details will be emailed to you.

Your username will be the email address we have stored for you and you’ll need to change your password when you first login.

You’ll need to have a new password generated. You can do this by clicking here and entering your email address.

Your initial username would’ve been the email address we have stored for you. But, if you’ve changed it and forgotten what it is, please contact Helpdesk.

Yes. If you’re the admin for your organisation, you’ll be able to complete this action from the ‘admin centre’ section of the website.

Yes. You can view and change your BT MeetMe passcodes and view your account information via the ‘My Account’ section of the website.

For security reasons, you should change your BT MeetMe passcode details if you feel they’ve been compromised. My Meeting Manager changes them immediately, meaning you’ll need to update any future scheduled meetings.

Yes. You can book, edit and cancel a BT Self-Managed Event or a BT Managed Event via My Meeting Manager.

Please note, you’ll only be able to manage meetings that were booked online via the My Meeting Manager website.

Full details are provided once you log in on both the My Meeting Manager homepage and the ‘My Meetings’ section of the website.

Yes. This is an option at the end of the booking flow.

You can use the calendar within the My Meeting Manager website to view and manage your upcoming meetings.

Yes. Your billing contact information is shown on the My Meeting Manager homepage and in the ‘My Account’ section. You can also link to the ‘View My Bill Online’ tool to access usage reports and pay your bill.

Yes. You don’t need to call us, just access the ‘My Account’ section of the website and make the changes you need. Once your details are changed, an email confirmation is sent to you.

Help desk phone numbers

Please browse our guide and if you can't resolve your questions, contact one of our global helpdesk advisers.