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Sign in to your Webex account

To download Webex Meetings:

  1. go to your Webex site. (Refer to your welcome email)
    Click the 'Sign In' link on the top left corner

  2. enter your username and your password, then click the 'Log in' button.

Alternatively, if you use the Webex Desktop App, it's easy to sign in to your Webex site via Outlook.

  1. Go to the Outlook calendar
  2. Click 'Schedule Meeting' in the Home ribbon.
    (If 'Schedule Meeting' isn't displayed, click 'Webex', then 'Schedule Meeting')
  3. Choose 'More' 
  4. Click on 'Go to Webex Site'.

    Your default browser will open to your Webex site where you'll be logged in. 

Download the desktop app

To download the Webex Meetings desktop app:

  1. Sign in to your Webex account
  2. click 'Download' in the left menu
  3. click 'Download' for the desktop app
  4. once downloaded, double-click to run the installation file. Follow the instructions to complete the installation.

Log in to the desktop app

  1. Open the Webex Meeting desktop app
  2. Type the email address associated with your account
  3. Click the 'Next' button
  4. Select the radio button for your Webex site, or enter a different URL if you wish to connect to a different Webex site
  5. Click the 'Next' button
  6. Type your Webex Meetings password
  7. Tick the 'Remember email address' and 'Keep me signed in' checkboxes
  8. Click the 'Sign In' button.

You can also access the Webex Meetings desktop app via Outlook:

  1. go to Outlook
  2. click 'Meet Now' in the Home ribbon.
    (If 'Meet Now' is not displayed, click 'Webex', then 'Meet Now'.)

Tip: If you do not see the Webex Meetings add-in in your Outlook, you can download the Webex Meetings desktop app, which includes the Outlook add-in.

  1. In the Webex Meetings warning window, click the 'OK' button.

Set your preferences

  1. Sign in to your Webex account
  2. Choose the 'Preferences' link in the left menu
  3. General: Set your Time zone, Language, and Locale (this will alter how dates and times display)
  4. Personal Room: Set preferences for your Personal Room Meeting

    - You can customise the name for your 'Personal Room Meeting'

Tip: Make sure the name of the meeting is broad enough for it to be relevant for all meetings.
- Create a Host PIN, you'll need this when dialling in from a phone or video device. Make sure it is simple enough to remember it easily when needed.
- Set your Alternate Host preferences: choose if you want to let others host your personal room when you are not there.

  1. Audio: Enter your 'Call Me' numbers - your office and/or mobile numbers to allow Webex to call you back.
    Create a 4-digit Audio PIN that you can use when dialling into a meeting.
  2. Scheduling: Select the scheduling options you want to apply to your meetings. And if you want someone else to be able to schedule meetings for you - e.g., if you have an assistant - type their email in 'Scheduling permission'.
  3. Click the Save button when you are done.

Set-up your audio only (PCN) account

Personal Conference Number (PCN) accounts are set up on your Webex service site and are for on-demand or scheduled Webex audio only conferences.

Up to three PCN accounts can be created. For each account, you can generate host and attendee access codes. If the global call-in option is enabled for your site, it is also available for PCN accounts you create.

Set up your PCN accounts on the Preferences page of your Webex service site. For security, you must add a PIN.

To add a PIN:

  1. sign in to your Webex account
  2. click 'Preferences' in the left navigation pane, then click 'Audio Set up'
  3. click the 'Audio PIN' box, and enter a four-digit PIN
  4. scroll to the bottom of the page, then click 'Save'.

Once you have added a PIN to your profile, you can create up to three Personal Conference Number accounts.

To create a PCN account:

  1. sign in to your Webex account. Click 'Classic View' then 'My Webex'
  2. click 'Preferences' in the left navigation pane, then click 'Audio Set up'
  3. on the 'Audio Preferences' page, scroll down to Personal Conferencing, then click 'Generate Account'
    Note: If you have not added a PIN to your host profile, you will not be able to generate access codes.
  4. click 'Generate'. Host and attendee access codes are randomly generated and can't be modified
  5. click 'Close'. The My Webex Personal Conferencing page displays the new account and access codes
    Note: The first account you create is set as the default.
  6. to create another account, repeat steps 1 through 3.

Editing or deleting a PCN Account

You can edit or delete your PCN accounts at any time. When you edit an account, you regenerate the host and attendee access codes.

To edit an account:

  1. sign in to your account on your Webex site, click 'Classic View' then click 'My Webex'
    or -
    In Outlook, click 'Schedule Meeting' in the Outlook Ribbon, then select 'More' and 'Go to My Webex site'
  2. click 'Preferences' in the left navigation pane, then click 'Audio Set up'
  3. click 'Edit'
  4. click 'Re-generate'. The host and attendee access codes are randomly re-generated.
  5. click 'Close'. The updated codes are displayed on the My Webex Personal Conferencing page.

To delete an account:

  1. locate the account you want to delete on the 'Audio Set up' page
  2. click 'Delete', then click 'OK'.

Note: If you have scheduled meetings using the deleted account, you must edit the audio conference option for those meetings.

Setting a profile picture for Webex Meetings

When you join a Webex meeting, if you don't start your webcam, other participants will see your initials as a placeholder where your video should display. To make this more personable, instead of your initials you can add a picture of yourself.

To change your profile picture:

  1. sign in to your Webex account
  2. mouse over the circle with your initials, then click 'Change'

  3. click the 'Upload' button to select a photo on your computer

  4. drag to reposition the photo to get the best view and click the 'Save' button.

Next time you attend a meeting, if you don't start your webcam your photo will appear instead.

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