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Join a meeting from the desktop app

You can either 'Join' a meeting as an attendee or 'Start' a meeting as a host. The process is similar for both, but as a host you may be required to login.

To start or join a scheduled Webex meeting:

  • click the 'Start' or 'Join' button next to the meeting in the desktop app calendar.

Tip: The 'Join' button appears 15 minutes prior to the meeting start time.

To start or join an ad-hoc meeting from the desktop app:

  • To start an ad-hoc meeting in your personal room click 'Start Meeting'
  • To join an ad-hoc meeting, below the 'Join a Meeting' heading, you can enter a meeting number, a meeting link, a video address, or the host's Personal Room ID and hit 'Enter' to join.

Tip: You can find the host's Personal Room host ID in the Personal Room link. For example, if the Personal Room link is, the host's Personal Room ID is jparker.

Join a meeting from Outlook

To start or join a scheduled Webex meeting:

  1. open the Webex meeting entry in your Outlook calendar
  2. Participants: click the 'Join Webex meeting' link
    Hosts: click the 'If you are a host, go here to view host information' link.

To start an ad-hoc meeting from within Outlook:

  1. click 'Meet Now' on the Home ribbon within Outlook.
    Note: You'll be prompted to sign in to the Webex Meetings desktop app if you're not already logged in.
  2. The Webex meeting room will open immediately.

To invite people on the fly, while already in your meeting room:

  1. Click the 3 dots  button in the Webex meeting
  2. Click 'Copy Meeting Link'
  3. Share this link with others by pasting it into an email or a chat message.

Join a Personal Room Meeting

To join a Personal Room Meeting click the 'Join meeting in my Webex Personal Room' link in the invitation.

As a host, you may also:

  • start the Personal Room Meeting from your Webex site
  • click 'Meet Now' in the Outlook calendar
  • click 'Start Meeting' in the desktop app
  • tap 'Start Meeting' on the Personal Room Meeting screen of the mobile app.

Locking your meeting

If you have back-to-back meetings or need privacy in your Personal Room, lock the room. When the room is locked:

  • no one can enter the room until you unlock it
  • you see a list of all attendees waiting in the lobby. The list indicates who's logged in and who hasn't. You can choose who to allow into the Personal Room meeting.

You can also set an option in your Personal Room preferences to automatically lock your room 0, 5, 10, 15, or 20 minutes after the meeting starts. On your Cisco Webex site, go to 'Preferences' > 'My Personal Room' > 'Automatic lock'.

Tip: If you set your meeting to automatically lock 0 minutes after the meeting starts, we recommend that you start your meeting from the Cisco Webex Meetings app and not from a video device. If you start your meeting from a video device, you can't unlock the meeting and admit participants.

Join a meeting from Skype for Business

To start a Webex meeting from Skype for Business, when you're already chatting with someone, simply click the 'Start Meeting' button above the chat window.

Your meeting will automatically start and the link to join your meeting will appear in the chat window.

Join using a video address

  1. Open your Skype for Business application
  2. Dial the appropriate video address, by selecting the Camera button:
    - For a Cisco Webex standard meeting: (For example,
    - For a Cisco Webex Personal Room meeting: (For example,
  3. Enter the numeric meeting password if prompted.
    Note: The numeric meeting password is only needed for a Webex standard meeting not a Webex Personal Room meeting.
  4. Start a video call.

Join a meeting from Jabber

To start a Webex meeting from Jabber:

  1. open Jabber
  2. click 'Meetings'
  3. click 'Start'.

Join a meeting from an email invite

Join a meeting via the email invite for the full Webex experience. If you don't have a reliable internet connection, you can join using audio only by just calling in.

Join the web meeting

  1. Open your calendar
  2. Open the Webex meeting calendar entry
  3. Click 'Join Webex meeting'. Your meeting will load in the Webex Meetings application
  4. Join the audio part of the meeting.

Join via call in numbers

You can dial in to a meeting using the telephone number and access code in the invitation email. If you join a meeting using this method you'll only gain access to the audio conference. This is ideal if an internet connection is not available.

  1. Open your calendar
  2. Open the meeting calendar entry
  3. Call the number listed or click 'Global call-in numbers'
  4. Dial the number you selected
  5. Enter your attendee access code or audio PIN
  6. Follow the instructions on the phone.

Connect to audio and video

After clicking the 'Join Webex meeting' link in the invitation, the meeting starts, and the 'Select Audio Connection' window opens. You can then choose which option you want to use to enter the meeting audio:

Tip: As a host, if you are joining by audio dial-in only, you'll need to enter your Personal Conference Number (PCN), otherwise other users won't be able to join.

Call Me

The 'Call Me' option allows for the attendees to provide their phone number and get a call from the audio system.

  1. Select the 'Call Me' option
  2. Type the direct phone number you can be reached at
  3. Select your 'Video Connection' option (if not already selected)
  4. Click the 'Connect Audio and Video' button.

I Will Call In

The 'I Will Call In' option allows the attendees to dial in a phone number and enter the access codes to be connected to the audio.

  1. Select the 'I will call in' option
  2. If the phone number for your country doesn't appear, click the 'All global call-in numbers' link
  3. Dial the phone number for your country
  4. If prompted, dial the 'access code', followed by '#'
  5. If prompted, dial your unique 'Attendee ID' followed by '#'
  6. Select your 'Video Connection' option (if not already selected)
  7. Click 'Start My Video'.

Tip: If you don't enter your Attendee ID, you'll be connected to the meeting audio, but will appear on the screen as 'Call-in user' and your audio and webcam won't be synchronised.

Call Using computer

The 'Call Using Computer' option allows the participants to enter the meeting audio using their computer and internet connection to hear others and be heard. With this option, it's important to use a USB headset to enhance the audio quality both for you and for the other participants in the meeting.

  1. Make sure your USB headset is plugged into your computer
  2. Click the 'Call Using Computer' option
  3. Next to the speaker icon, in the drop-down list, select the device corresponding to your USB headset
  4. Next to the microphone icon, in the drop-down list, select the device corresponding to your USB headset
  5. To test if all works correctly, click the 'More options' link
  6. Select your 'Video Connection' option if not already selected
  7. Click the 'Connect Audio and Video' button.

Tip: If you don't hear any sound, make sure:
✔ the headset is plugged in
✔ to turn up the volume
✔ to test the headset in another USB port
✔ that the correct device is selected in the list.

Tip: If others don't hear you (well), make sure:
✔ the correct device is selected in the list
✔ the microphone is not muted (there might be a button on the device itself)
✔ if you still have problems after completing the steps above, connect to the audio using the 'Call Me' or the 'I Will Call In' option.

Tip: Although it's best practice to ensure that the correct headset is selected each time you enter a Webex meeting, all the previous steps won't necessarily need to be performed each time.

Call My Video System

The 'Call My Video System' option lets attendees to get connected to a video unit or a video room. You'll then use the video and audio capabilities from that system.

  1. Select the 'Call My Video System' option
  2. Type the direct SIP address for the specific video system you want to connect to
  3. Check 'Connect without pressing "1"'
  4. If you might reuse that video system in the future, check 'Remember video address on this computer'
  5. Click the 'Connect Audio and Video' button.

Tip: Instead of connecting directly from Webex Meetings to the video system, you can click 'I will Dial In from My Video System' for access to the direct link you need to connect to the meeting.

To join an audio only meeting

  1. Dial the call-in number
  2. Follow the voice prompts and use the telephone keypad to:

    - Enter your host access code to start the meeting or attendee access code to join the meeting and, if prompted, your PIN
    - Press '#' to continue.

Note: Host access codes are exclusive. If another person has used the code for a Personal Conference Meeting that's in progress, you can't:

  • start another Personal Conference Meeting using the same host access code
  • join the in-progress Personal Conference Meeting as a second host using the same host access code.

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