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Install Webex Meetings

To host and attend Webex meetings from your Android device, you must first download and install the Cisco Webex Meetings app.

To download the application:

  1. go to one of the following locations:
    - Google Play Store
    - Amazon Appstore for Android
    - you can just join a meeting for the first time and accept the offer to install the app on your device
  2. on Google Play Store and Amazon, search for 'Cisco Webex Meetings'
  3. follow the on-screen instructions to download and install the application
  4. optionally, locate the Cisco Webex Meetings widget and position it on your Home page. While you're signed in to Webex Meetings, the widget lists 'Today's Meetings'.
  • The first time you launch the application, you'll have to accept the Terms and Conditions
  • When an updated version of the Cisco Webex Meetings application is available, you may be prompted to update to the latest version when you sign in.

View your upcoming meetings

If you have an account on your Webex site, you can sign in and view your upcoming meetings on your Android device. The first time you access the Webex Meetings application, you'll be prompted to log in using your site credentials.

  1. From the application or the widget on your home page, tap 'Sign in'
  2. Enter the email address associated with your Webex account, then tap 'Next'
  3. Enter your password, and then tap 'Sign in'.

Or, if you have Touch ID enabled, you can log into your site using your fingerprints.

  • If your email address is associated with more than one Webex site, you'll be presented with a list of sites. Tap the site you want to log in to
  • If your Webex site has Single Sign-On enabled, your organisation's login web page will open. When you enter and submit your credentials, the web page will close and you'll be logged into the Webex site automatically.

    The 'My Meetings' pane lists meetings on your calendar for the next six weeks. In order to see all of your upcoming Webex meetings in the 'My Meetings' pane, we recommend that the calendar in your mobile device be configured to synchronise with your organisation’s mail server (for example, Microsoft Exchange Server). Please contact your company's IT administrator for instructions on how to do this. 

    The Webex Meetings widget lists today's upcoming meetings.

Office 365

You can configure your meeting list to pull meetings directly from your O365 Exchange server, via your in-app settings.

Join a meeting

You can join a Webex meeting from your Android device in any of the following ways.

When signed in to your Webex account:

  • tap the meeting in the 'My Meetings' pane, then tap 'Join'
    - or -
  1. move to the Welcome screen
  2. tap 'Join meeting'. The Join Meeting dialog appears

  3. type the meeting number, Personal Room URL, SIP URI, or meeting host's username

If entering the SIP URI, use the following format:

  • for a scheduled Webex meeting
  • for an instant or scheduled Personal Room meeting

         4.  tap 'Join'.

From your device's native search:

  • use your device native search bar to look for recently-joined Personal Rooms, or their own Personal Rooms to join. Tap the meeting from the search results to join.

From the meeting invitation email:

  • open the invitation email and follow the instructions.

If you don't have the mobile app installed, you can still join the audio portion of the meeting, by tapping the link in the invitation and entering the access code. You'll be taken to a mobile page which offers an easy way to join the audio-only meeting. After the meeting, you'll be shown a redirected page that offers the mobile app download for future meetings.

Using voice commands

For information on joining meetings using voice commands, see

From a notification

If your site is set up to send notifications, you'll be alerted prior to the scheduled meeting time, or when the host starts the meeting. To join, follow the instructions in the meeting notifications.

Note: When you join a meeting that is being held in the host's Personal Room, you'll wait in the lobby until the host manually admits you. When the host enters the room or admits you, you'll be prompted to join the audio conference. You can select 'Notify Host' to alert the host that you're waiting in the lobby.

By scanning text

Use the handwriting recognition built into the Meetings app. Just scan a handwritten or typed meeting number or Personal Room ID, on a physical piece of paper or a screen, to join the Webex Meeting or Personal Room.

Connect to the audio conference

You can connect to the meeting's audio conference by receiving a call, or by using VoIP through the Internet. When you join an audio conference that has been scheduled to use Webex Audio or VoIP only, wide-band audio is used.

Note: If a participant who doesn't have wide-band audio joins a meeting where wide-band audio is in use, audio for all participants is downgraded. No warning message is given before the downgrade.

To connect to the audio conference

Tap the 'Audio connection' icon.

Tap one of the following:

  • Call me - to receive a call from Webex to connect to the meeting. If you've not previously entered a phone number, you'll be prompted for the number
  • Call in - to view toll-free and toll numbers, you can select to call the meeting from your device. Select 'Global call-in numbers' to view a list of call-in numbers from other regions
  • Call over Internet - tap 'Call Over Internet' to use wi-fi or mobile data to connect to the audio.

Note: If you're not connected by wi-fi, this option uses your 3G or 4G data plan.

If you're connecting audio through 'Call over Internet', you may be prompted to download and install the MeetMe Dolby Voice app. Click here for full instructions.

  • Call my video system - to connect using a video device. You'll be prompted to enter the address of the video device.

Schedule a Webex meeting

If you have a host account, you can schedule a Webex meeting using the mobile application.

To schedule a Webex meeting:

  1. log in to your Webex site
  2. navigate to the 'My meetings' screen, then tap the blue 'Schedule Meeting' button. The 'Schedule Meeting' screen appears

  3. enter a meeting topic
  4. set a meeting password attendees will use to join the meeting
  5. enter an email address, then tap 'Add invitee'. Tap 'Contacts' to select invitees
  6. tap the date to change the day the meeting starts
  7. tap the hours and minutes to set the meeting start time and duration
  8. tap 'Schedule'.

    When scheduled, the meeting appears in the My Meetings pane. On the day it's scheduled to be held, the meeting will also appear in the Webex Meetings widget.

Note: To add invitees after the meeting is scheduled, select the meeting in the 'My Meetings' pane, then tap the 'Add Invitees' icon in the upper right of the screen.

Start a scheduled meeting

As the host, you must start the meeting before attendees can join.

  • From the Webex Meetings application, select the meeting in the My Meetings pane.
  • Tap 'Start'.

Note: Alternate hosts can't start meetings from the mobile app.

Start an instant meeting

You can start an instant meeting using the 'Meet now' option.

To start an instant meeting:

  1. log in to your Webex site
  2. tap the 'Schedule' icon in the upper right of the screen, then tap 'Meet now'. The meeting starts.
    tap the 'Meet now' icon on the Webex Meetings widget.

Note: When 'Use Personal Room for all my instant meetings' is selected in the preferences for 'Meet Now' on your Webex site, the 'Meet now' menu item changes to 'Enter Personal Room'.

Manage a Personal Room Meeting

Participants can't enter your Personal Room when you're not there. And, once you've entered your personal room, you control access.

To lock your Personal Room:

  1. tap the 'More' icon in the upper right corner of the screen
  2. tap 'Lock room'
    To unlock the room, tap the 'More' icon, then tap 'Unlock Room'.

When you've locked your Personal Room and a participant enters the lobby, a notification message is displayed and a red indicator appears above the 'Participants' icon.

  • Tap the 'Participants' icon to see the names of participants waiting in your Personal Room's lobby
  • Tap the name(s) of the participant(s) you want to admit, then tap 'Admit' to allow the participant(s) to enter your Personal Room and join the meeting
    Tap a participant's name, then tap 'Remove' to remove the participant from the list and prevent them from entering your Personal Room or joining the meeting.

In-meeting interactions

While your meeting is in progress, you can speak and chat with participants, view presentations shared by participants, and share your video or screen.

To control your audio:

You can set your preferences so that your device automatically mutes for every meeting you join from that device: from the 'Settings' page, select 'Mute on entry'.

In meetings, control your audio as follows:

  • tap the 'Audio' icon to 'Mute' or 'Unmute' yourself
  • tap the 'Audio' connection icon, then tap 'Leave Audio Conference' to leave the audio portion of your meeting. You can rejoin the audio at any time.

To chat with all participants:

  1. tap the 'Participants' icon
  2. tap 'Chat with everyone'
  3. enter your message, then tap 'Send to all'.

To chat with a selected participant:

  1. tap the participant's name
  2. tap 'Chat'
  3. enter your message, then tap 'Send'.

When hosting a meeting from your Android device, you may want to assign the presenter role to another participant.

To make a participant the presenter:

  1. tap the 'Participants' icon
  2. drag and drop the Cisco Webex ball to the new presenter.


             tap the participant's name, then tap 'Make presenter'.

Note: If the 'Anyone Can Share' option is enabled for the meeting, participants who've joined from a laptop or desktop computer can share at any time. The current presenter isn't notified before another presenter begins sharing. If you're hosting the meeting from your Android device, you can't turn off 'Anyone Can Share'.

To make a participant the host:

  1. tap the 'Participants' icon
  2. tap the participant's name
  3. tap 'Make Host'.

Note: You can't reclaim the host role from your Android device.

Change participants' displayed names

You can edit the displayed name of 'Call-in' users in your participant lists with other names for better identification. Guest users can edit it locally only, while signed in hosts are able to edit it for all users.

To change a Call-in user's displayed name:

  1. tap the 'Participants' icon
  2. tap the participant's name
  3. tap 'Change name' icon.

To share your screen:

  • from the meeting page, tap the 'Share screen' button
  • from other application screens, tap the 'Webex' icon, then tap 'Share screen'.

Note: Screen sharing is available only for Android Lollipop (5.0) OS or later.

To stop sharing your screen:

  • from the meeting page, tap the 'Stop sharing' button
  • from other application screens, tap the 'Webex' icon, then tap 'Stop sharing'.

To annotate while sharing content:

In an online meeting on Android, you can annotate on a screen share, simultaneously in real time to annotate, highlight, explain, or point to information, while desktop users are annotating on the same screen. For a list of annotation tools and a description of their functions, see

Note: Annotations on Android support screen sharing only, not content sharing.

To share video:

  1. tap the 'Video' icon
  2. tap 'Start My Video'.
    While a meeting participant who's sharing video is speaking, their video is displayed in full screen.

To switch cameras:

Tap the 'Switch Camera' icon in your video preview to switch your video sharing between the front and back cameras on your device.

To stop sharing video:

  1. tap the 'Video' icon
  2. tap 'Stop my video'.

To hide controls while you're sharing:

To hide call control buttons while viewing shared content, tap the screen. Tap the screen again to unhide them.

Note: You can only hide controls when in landscape mode.

To start, pause, and restart a recording:

  • After the meeting starts, tap the 'More' icon in the upper right corner of the screen, then tap 'Record' to start recording. The recording indicator appears
  • to pause recording, tap the 'More' icon, then tap 'Pause'
  • to restart the recording, tap the 'More' icon, then tap 'Resume'.

After the meeting ends, you'll receive an email with information about accessing the meeting recording, and the recording will appear in the 'Recordings' list.

To share a recording:

From the 'Recordings' list, select your recording and tap 'Share'.

You can search for your recording by title using the search box on the screen.

To end a meeting:

The meeting host can end the meeting at any time.

  • Tap the 'End Meeting' icon in the top right corner of the screen, then tap 'End Meeting'.

The mobile meeting app detects when there is only a single participant in a meeting. If there's only one participant, the app automatically ends the meeting after a specific number of minutes after the scheduled end time.

Change Webex account settings

To make changes to your Webex account settings and to enable some useful features, tap 'Settings' at the top right corner of 'My Meetings' view. The 'Settings' screen appears.


Displays your account info. Sign out.

Automatic connection

Streamlines the process of joining the meeting audio by calling your device automatically.

Mute on entry

Automatically mutes your device when joining a meeting.

Use mobile data

Start and view video using mobile data when wi-fi is not available.


Navigate to the technical support site.


View the Cisco Webex Meetings application version and Terms of Service.

To enable settings:

Choose the setting, then slide the lever to the 'On' position (for 'Auto Call Me', also enter your number). Then tap 'Done'.

To upload your own personalised avatar:

If your site administrator has enabled this functionality, you can upload your own images or photos to display as your avatar.

  1. Tap 'Settings' at the top left corner of 'My Meetings' view. The 'Settings' screen appears
  2. Tap 'Account', then tap your avatar image
  3. Select one of the following: 
  • Take Photo - to use your device's camera to take a photo
  • Choose Existing Photo - to select a photo from your gallery
  • Remove Photo - to delete the avatar and replace with a generic image.

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