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Setting up the Webex Meetings app on your iPhone

Download the iPhone app

  1. Open the App Store on your phone
  2. Search for Webex
  3. Download Cisco Webex Meetings from the App Store
  4. Tap the Webex app on your iPhone home screen to open it. The first time you use the app you'll be prompted with two messages. The first message asks you to Accept or Decline the Terms of Service and the Privacy Statement. If you wish to read them, tap 'Review Terms of Service' and 'Review Privacy Statement'
  5. Tap 'I Accept' to accept the terms
  6. The second message asks if you would like to 'Allow Notifications'. This allows the app to notify you of meetings ahead of time. Tap 'Allow' to accept notifications.

Sign into Webex Meetings iPhone app

You don’t need to sign in to join a meeting, but you have access to more options when you are signed in, including the ability to schedule meetings. To sign in to the Webex Meetings app:

  1. open the Webex Meetings app
  2. tap 'Sign In'
  3. enter your email address
  4. click 'Next'
  5. the Webex Meetings app will ask you to select a Webex site to sign into. Tap your Webex site
  6. enter your Webex password
  7. tap 'Next' and you will be signed into the app.

Turning off mobile data

When the Webex Meetings application is successfully installed, its default setting is to allow the use of mobile data when starting or viewing video.

  1. Open the Webex Meetings app
  2. Tap the  icon
  3. Change the toggle to the 'Off' position next to 'Use Mobile Data'
  4. Tap 'Done' to save the changes.

Setting up automatic audio connection

You can configure the app so that your phone will automatically dial you into the meeting when you click 'Join', using your preferred audio connection option.

  1. Tap the  in the top left corner
  2. Tap 'Automatic Connection'
  3. Slide the toggle to the 'On' position
  4. Select either 'Call Me', 'Call In' or 'Call Over Internet' option
  5. Tap the back arrow
  6. Select 'Done' when you're finished.

Turn off auto-mute in the Webex Meetings iPhone app

The iOS Webex Meetings mobile app defaults to MUTE when joining meetings, so people will not hear you until you unmute.

To unmute yourself in a meeting, tap the microphone  icon at the bottom left of the iPhone screen.

You can also turn off the auto-mute function in your Webex Meetings mobile app settings.

So that you don’t have to unmute yourself manually each time you join a meeting using the Webex Meetings mobile app, you can switch off the automatic mute option in the settings.

Start or join a meeting from your iPhone

Joining a meeting on your iPhone

The easiest way to join a meeting on your iPhone is to use the Webex Meetings app:

  1. open the Webex Meetings app
  2. on the homescreen, swipe from eft to right to go to the 'My Meetings' screen
  3. tap 'Start' or 'Join' next to the meeting you want to attend.

Join a meeting from the lock screen notification

You will receive a pop-up notification when it's time for you to join your Webex meeting.

You can swipe the notification to be taken straight to your meeting page where you can click join to enter the meeting.

Join Webex Meeting audio from an iPhone

You can connect to audio by receiving a phone call, or by connecting over the internet and dialling directly into the meeting, if you've not already chosen to automatically connect your audio. If you have a video device, you can also use this to connect to the meeting.

Once you've started or joined a meeting, you'll be shown the options to manually connect your audio:

Receive a call-back

  1. Tap the 'Call Me' option from the pop-up menu
  2. Enter the phone number that you want to receive the call on or you can also tap the icon to add a number directly from your contacts
  3. Tap 'Call'.

The Auto Call Me feature streamlines the process of joining audio by calling your iPhone automatically. To activate this feature:

  1. enter your iPhone number when prompted
  2. slide the toggle for 'Auto Call Me' to the 'On' position
  3. Tap 'Call'.

Call in to the meeting

  1. Tap the 'Call in' option
  2. Tap one of the available Call In numbers. You can click on Global Call-in numbers to access the full list of available numbers
  3. The access code and meeting number will automatically be added for you and you will be connected to the meeting.

Call in using internet

  1. Tap 'Call Over Internet' to use wi-fi or mobile data to connect to the audio.

Tip: If you're connecting audio through 'Call Over Internet', you may be prompted to download and install the MeetMe Dolby Voice app. Click here for full instructions. 

Using a video system or video room

  1. Tap the 'Call My Video System' option from the menu
  2. Add the video room or device address or select from previously added devices from the list
  3. Click 'Call'
  4. Select 'Answer' in the video device or room to connect the audio.

Mute and unmute in a meeting 

Tap the  icon to mute or unmute yourself during a meeting. Muting when you're not speaking helps to eliminate background noises and distractions, particularly in large meetings. 

The 'Mute on Entry' feature is enabled by default when connecting to meetings using 'Call Over Internet'. To switch off this feature, go into settings. 

Disconnect audio 

To disconnect your audio, hang up from the audio portion of the meeting. Do this by tapping the   icon, then tap 'Disconnect Audio'. 

Turn on video during a meeting 

  1. Tap the  icon to turn on the camera in your meeting. Your self-view will appear. Others can't see you yet
  2. Tap 'OK' when prompted to allow Webex to access the camera. You should only have to do this the first time you use the video option
  3. Tap 'Start My Video'
  4. To stop your video, select the camera icon again and click 'Stop My Video'.

Viewing other people's videos 

If no content is being shared, you'll either see the webcams for the people in your meeting if they started their webcam, or you'll see their avatar or initials if their webcam isn't on. To enlarge the video of any participant to full-screen, double tap their video. 

If content is being shared, that takes over the centre position of your screen. In landscape view you'll also see the active speaker in a smaller window. If needed, you can hide the active speaker video by clicking the  icon on the speaker window.

Schedule a Webex meeting from the mobile app

Schedule a meeting

Here's how you can schedule via the app:

  1. open your Webex Meetings app
  2. swipe right to view 'My Meetings' pane
  3. tap the  icon on the top right of the screen
  4. the meeting topic will default to [your name]'s meeting. It's best to change this to the meeting topic
  5. tap 'Starts' to select the date and time when your meeting should start. Use the scroll wheel to select a date and time
  6. click on 'Duration' to select a suitable time and length for your meeting. Use the scroll wheel again to select the duration
  7. select 'Invitees' to add people to your meeting
  8. enter the participants' emails to invite people to your meeting or tap the  sign to add directly from your own contacts
  9. click 'Done' when you have added the people you want to attend
  10. you can also add a password for your meeting by clicking on 'Password'. Meeting passwords are optional but can be used for added security if your meeting is very sensitive
  11. choose 'Schedule' to schedule your Webex meeting and send invitations
  12. when scheduled, the meeting then appears in the 'My Meetings' pane
  13. to add invitees after the meeting has been scheduled, select the meeting in the 'My Meetings' pane, then tap the  icon on the top right corner of the screen
  14. you'll also receive an email about your new scheduled meeting so that you can add it to your calendar. Tap 'Add to Calendar' in the email notification or download the .ics file.

Send an invitation after the meeting has started 

  1. Tap the participants icon  after you have started the meeting
  2. Tap the  icon at the bottom of the screen to add additional people
  3. Add the Email Address of the person you want to invite. You can add 20 people at any one time
  4. Tap 'Send' to send the invite.

Manage participants in a Webex Meeting

Assign different roles

The host can assign different roles to participants, making them the presenter or the host of the meeting. To assign a different role to a participant: 

  1. tap the icon  at the top right of the screen when you are in a meeting to see the participants list
  2. tap the participant's name
  3. select the option from the menu - 'Make Host' or 'Make Presenter'.

Remove a participant during a meeting

Occasionally you may need to remove a participant from a meeting. To do this, a host should:

  1. select the icon  at the top right of the screen to see the participants list
  2. tap the participant's name
  3. choose 'Expel' from the menu
  4. tap 'Expel' from the pop up to confirm and remove that person from the meeting.

Share content during a meeting

Share your iPhone screen in the Webex Meeting app

The first time you share content, you'll need to add the 'Screen Recording' option to your control centre.

  1. Click on the  icon
  2. Click on 'Share Content'
  3. Click on 'How to Share Screen' and follow the instructions.

Once the 'Screen Recording' option is added to your control centre, you can now share content during a meeting.

  1. In your Webex Meeting, swipe up to bring in the 'Control Centre' on your iPhone
  2. Press and hold the  button
  3. Tap 'Webex Meet'
  4. Tap 'Start Broadcast'
  5. Return to your Webex meeting by swiping
  6. Tap 'Start Now' at the 'Share Screen' prompt. The meeting attendees will now see everything on your screen
  7. To stop sharing your iPhone screen, simply go back to 'Control Centre' and press the  button.

Share documents from an email

Once you've joined a Webex meeting from your iPhone, follow these steps to share a document from your email:

  1. open your email application
  2. locate the email containing the document
  3. open the email
  4. select the document within the email.
    Once the document is open on your mobile:
  5. tap the  icon
  6. scroll to select 'Copy to Webex'
  7. tap 'Share', to confirm if you'd like to share.

Share PowerPoint slides in the Webex Meetings app

  1. Open the slides in the PowerPoint app
  2. Tap the  icon at the top right corner
  3. Tap to 'Send a Copy'
  4. Select 'Send in Another App'
  5. Select 'Copy to Webex Meet'.

This generates a PDF which will show the slides with the correct formatting. You can pinch the screen to zoom in on the slides being shown.

Send chat messages during a meeting

Send a message to all participants

You can send a chat message to everyone in the meeting at the same time. This is handy if you can't unmute yourself due to background noise or want to add something in without disrupting the flow of conversation.

  1. Tap the  icon in your Webex meeting
  2. Tap the 'Chat with Everyone' icon
  3. Enter your message in the text box at the bottom
  4. Tap 'Send' and your message will appear in a speech bubble.

Send a message to an individual participant

  1. Tap the  icon at the top right of the screen to see the participants list
  2. Select the name of the participant
  3. Tap 'Chat' from the menu that appears
  4. Enter your message and tap 'Send'.

Record a meeting

As the host of a meeting, you can record the meeting within Webex Meetings if needed. It's best practice to let attendees know when you start a recording as in some countries, it's forbidden to record people without their consent.

To record the meeting:

  1. tap the  icon on your screen when in a Webex meeting
  2. tap 'Record'.

When the meeting ends, the host will receive an email explaining how to retrieve the recording.

Leave or end a meeting

To leave or end a meeting:

  1. tap the  button in the Webex Meeting
  2. tap 'Leave Meeting'.

This option will end the meeting for all participants if you're the host and you haven't passed the host role to someone else. If the meeting needs to continue you should change another participant's role first.

Help desk phone numbers

If you need further help, please contact one of our global helpdesk advisers.