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Getting started


You can download Webex Teams on your computer and your mobile device. If you install it on different devices, you can seamlessly switch between devices. Your content always stays synchronised because everything is stored in the cloud.

Signing in for the first time

The first time you sign in to the Webex Teams app, you receive a six-digit confirmation PIN to verify your email address. Then, you can create your password and sign in. This increases the safety and security of the sign-in process.

If you didn't receive the confirmation code, check your email account details are correct and select ‘Send it again’.

You won't receive a PIN if your organisation uses Single Sign On (SSO) to sign into Webex Teams.

Adding a profile picture

Adding a profile picture makes it easier for people to recognise you in Webex Teams. Until you upload one, your initials are shown inside the circle.

It’s simple to upload your profile picture, and once uploaded you can change it whenever you want using the same steps.

  1.  select on your Initials or profile picture

  2. select your initials on the new screen that opened
  3. browse and select the picture that you want to upload. 



Send a message to a person

Sending a message to someone in Webex Teams is easy:

  1. go to 
  2. select  and choose Contact a Person
  3. enter their email address or name.

Now, just type your message and hit ‘Send’.

You've now created a Space just for the two of you. So, the next time you want to message them, just select their name from your list of Spaces.

Send a message to a group

The first time you send a message to a group, you’re creating a Space for the group to talk and collaborate. So, the next time you message that group, your conversation picks up right where you left it.

  1. go to , select , and choose ‘Create a Space’
  2. name the Space and then enter the email address or name for each person you want in the Group Space, then select ‘Create’. Then, just type and send your message. The next time you message the group, you can just select the Space from your list of Spaces.

Check who has seen your message

Although there’s no way to guarantee that someone read your message, you can see whether someone’s checked the Space since the latest post.

Scroll to the most recent post in the Space. You can see the profile picture of those who’ve checked the Space since the last post above the message area.

If more than ten people have checked the Space, you can hover over the number to see a complete list of names.

Flagging important messages

Flagging important messages is a great way to keep on top of things you need to follow up on later or to keep as reference. Flagged items are added to the Flags list and sorted by the date you flagged them. You can have up to 200 flagged messages. To do this:

  1. hover over the message you want to flag
  2. select the flag .

You'll see a blue flag beside the person's profile picture as well as to the right of the message.

You can refer to your flagged message anytime you want to by simply selecting  and go to ‘Flags’.

To remove a Flag, select the Flag on the message or clean up your Flags list by unflagging from the list.

Customise your messages

When you're in a Space with lots of people, making sure you get a specific person's attention can be a challenge. With Webex Teams you can use an @mention to get their attention.

Type ‘@’ and the first few letters of the person's name, pick them from the list, and then type and send your message.

If you want to get everyone’s attention in the Space, save yourself some time by just typing ‘@All’.

If you mistype a message or send the wrong file, you can easily delete them even if you've already sent them.

Hover over your message or directly under your file and select ‘Delete message ‘X’’. If you sent a message and a file together, then select ‘Delete message’ to delete both.

When you receive a new message, it will show bold. Select it to read.

Sharing in messages

Besides sending text messages, you can also share all kinds of content in Webex Teams.

To share documents, videos or images:

  1. select  in the messaging panel. Press ‘Enter’ to send it
  2. you can share the following type of documents: .doc, .docx, .gif, .jpeg, .pdf, .png, .ppt, .pptx, .svg, .xls, and .xlsx

Note: You can preview documents without downloading them first if they're no more than 150 pages and less than 200 MB in size.

To share a screen capture:

  1.  select  in the messaging panel
  2. press ‘Enter’ to send it.

Most content can be previewed in the Space, without the need to download.

You can upload files up to 2GB file size.


Calls can be spontaneous and you can have unplanned video calls between 2 or more people. Meetings are scheduled gatherings.

In a 1:1, or multi-person Space, you can make direct voice and video calls to anyone at any time. All members see when a meeting has started and can choose to join or not.

You can create and schedule meetings for everyone in the Space. This opens a calendar entry to check team availability, so you can easily send the invitation.

Meeting details are automatically added.

Calling someone directly

If you're already messaging someone directly, you can quickly jump into a call right from your conversation. Regardless of how you start a call, your video is automatically on, but you can turn it off after your call starts. To do this:

  1. select the ‘Activity’ menu 
  2. choose ‘Call’ to make your call.

Call from someone's Contact Card

Just select their profile picture to show their Contact Card and make your call. To do this:

  1. go to a Space
  2. hover over someone’s profile picture next to their message to see their contact card
  3. select ‘Call’.

Note: You don’t have to be in a Space to make calls. Anywhere you see someone's profile picture, just hover over it to show their contact card and select ‘Call’.

Call someone from Search

You can search for people and then call them from the results list. To do this:

  1. go to search
  2. enter the person’s name
  3. select ‘call’ beside the person you want to call from the results list.

Start an instant meeting from a Space

You can start an instant meeting from any Space. To do this:

  1. from a Space, select the ‘Activity’ menu
  2. choose ‘Call’.

Note: The meeting starts instantly, and everyone in the Space sees a ‘Join’ button in their meeting list and in their Spaces list in the Webex Teams app. They also get a meeting notification on their computer or mobile phone.

Spaces and Teams


A Space is a place designed for a group of people working on a specific topic. The focus is narrow and specific. Everyone who is part of that Space is involved in all its aspects.

However, if the original intention changes and you realise some people might be involved in some parts but not others, you can move the Space into a Team.

Spaces might be used for short- and long-term projects.


A Team is a place that helps you keep everything organised by putting multiple Spaces under a common theme.

Teams are ideal for a consistent group of people who are going to be working for a long time on something that might be complicated and involve a lot of activities or could be subprojects happening at the same time.

Every team has at least one Space called General, where everybody invited to the Team is also added to.

As a Team member, you can view and join all Spaces in the Team, create new Spaces in the Team and invite others to join.

Create a Space

In the Cisco Webex Teams app, all your work takes place in Spaces where you can send messages, make calls, have video meetings, share files, and whiteboards. Spaces work best for a group of people collaborating on a specific topic or single project.

To create a Space in:

  1. go to 
  2. select .

To create a 1:1 Space:

  1. select ‘Contact a Person’
  2. type the email address of the person you want to invite
  3. press Enter
  4. send a message to create the Space.

To create a Team Space for group conversations:

  1. select ‘Create a Space’
  2. type a name for your Space
  3. select ‘Create’.

Note: You can add people before or after you create the Space.

Add people to a Space

You can add people to a Space whether they work at your organisation or not. When you add someone who isn't already signed up to Webex Teams, they'll get an email invite to join.

Note: There is a limit of 5,000 participants per Space (regular Spaces of Team Spaces).

To add people to a Space:

  1. go to the ‘activity menu’
  2. select the ‘People icon’
  3. select ‘Add People’
  4. type the first letters of their name or their email address to pick them from the list of existing users, or, type their whole email address if they’re not found by Webex Teams
  5. press ‘Enter’ to invite them to join Webex Teams.

Join a Space

If you need to join a Space, someone who's already a member will have to invite you to it.

Note: You can't just search to find available Spaces to join. Your search results only show Spaces that you've already joined.

Create a Team

Teams help you keep everything organised by categorizing multiple Spaces under a common theme. For example, you may have a Team for a large project that includes cross-department members all working together on specific pieces of the project. To do this:

  1. select on the ‘Teams’ icon 
  2. select ‘New Team’
  3. type a name for the Team (It is recommended to add a small summary of that Team’s purpose for new joiners to understand what that Space is about)
  4. select ‘Create’.

Your Team is assigned a colour, so you can easily distinguish it from the others.

Add people to a Team

To do this:

  1. select the Teams icon 
  2. open a Team
  3. select ‘Team Members’
  4. select ‘Add Team Member’
  5. enter a name or email address and pick from the results list.

People get added to the General Space automatically, but then can join any Team Space on their own.

Add Spaces to a Team

To create more Spaces in a Team:

  1. select the Team you want to add a Space to
  2. select ‘New space’
  3. type a Space name
  4. press Enter.

Join a Team

If you need to join a Team, a moderator for that Team will have to add you to it.

Note: You can't just search to find available Teams to join. Your search results only show Teams that you've already joined.


Scheduling meetings

Schedule a meeting with everyone in your Space at a specific date and time, whether it's a Space with one or a Space with more than one. Use the Webex Teams app to create calendar invites and have the email addresses of everyone in the Space added automatically. You can then send the invite to everyone in the Space to tell them about the meeting and how to join.

Schedule a meeting from a Space

To do this:

  1. go to the ‘Activity’ menu 
  2. select the ‘Meetings’ icon
  3. select ‘Schedule a meeting’.

Webex Teams opens a calendar invite and automatically includes the email addresses for everyone in the Space, the Space name as the subject, and ‘@Spark’ in the ‘Location’ field.

Note: Depending on your setup, the invite may also include a link to join the meeting, join by phone options, and a video address so people can join from any standards-based video system

  1. specify the date, time, and other details you need to include
  2. send the meeting invite.

Schedule a meeting from your calendar

  1. When you're scheduling a meeting in your work calendar, you can add a keyword to create a Webex team meeting. To do this:
  2. go to your work calendar app, schedule a meeting, and then add some people
  3. add ‘@meet’ into the location field to create a Webex Teams meeting. It will then automatically create a Space in the Webex Teams app
  4. set the date, time and add any information in the text field
  5. send the meeting invite.

Start and join a meeting

Join a meeting from a meeting notification

You see a meeting notification on your screen 5 minutes before a meeting is due to start.

To choose when to receive notifications for scheduled meetings or turn them off:

  1. go to ‘Settings’
  2. select ‘System’
  3. select ‘Notifications’.

To join a meeting from the notification

The meeting notification includes the meeting name, location, and a countdown of the time until the actual start time. To do this:

  1. click anywhere in the notification to join the meeting
  2. select ‘Join with video’.

Note: You can also ‘Snooze’ to get reminded at the meeting start time or ‘Stop’ to stop getting reminded.

Join a meeting from a calendar invite

When you get invited to a Webex Teams meeting, you'll get an invite in your calendar application.

When it's time to meet, select the meeting link in the calendar invitation.

The mobile app

With the mobile app you can answer questions quickly at any time of the day, be available for your internal and external stakeholders and follow all the latest developments wherever you are directly from your mobile device.

In the Webex Teams mobile app you can find practically all the same functionalities as on the desktop app.

Getting started


You can download Webex Teams on your mobile device and on your computer. If you install it on different devices, you can switch between devices without a problem. Your content always stays synchronised because everything is stored in the cloud.

To download the app, open your App or Play store on your mobile, search and download the Cisco Webex Teams app.

Signing in for the first time

Once you have downloaded the app on your mobile device:

  1. open Webex Teams
  2. type your email address

  3. select ‘Next’
  4. select ‘Get started now’ in the email you received from Cisco
  5. create your password for Webex Teams
  6. tap ‘Create Account’
  7. type your first and last name
  8. select ‘Next’. 

Help desk phone numbers

Please browse our guide and if you can't resolve your questions, contact one of our global helpdesk advisers.