CYBG:Online banking customers get extra peace of mind with BT two-step account access

CYBG: I clienti dell’online banking più sereni grazie a BT e all’accesso al conto su due livelli.

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CYBG rende sicure le transazioni internet con il servizio gestito di BT con doppia autenticazione.

Security is the number one priority.

Online banking’s a big hit with customers. It’s a big target for fraudsters too. So Wilson Ferguson wanted stronger security for a growing number of online account holders. BT had an answer that could keep pace.

Now, over 20,000 business clients have two keys to their account: their own password plus one generated fresh for each transaction by a BT ActivIndentity token. Behind the scenes, a 4TRESS server checks everyone’s credentials, while BT takes care of everything. So Wilson can be sure his clients’ money and his company’s reputation are well protected. And clients know they’re safe and sound.

Wilson Ferguson, Head of Online Channels, Direct Banking, CYBG PLC

When it comes to internet security we felt most confident in the offer made by BT. The fully managed BT proposal would support a wide range of client devices.”
- Wilson Ferguson, Head of Online Channels, Direct Banking, CYBG PLC

Fast facts.

  • The bank needed to provide a secure yet convenient platform for customer online banking transactions
  • Initial focus on 20,000 commercial customers making high value transactions
  • Enhanced customer identity verification with two-factor strong authentication
  • BT managed solution built around the hosted 4TRESS authentication server, provided by BT in association with ActivIdentity Corporation
  • Scalable, centralised authentication service with the flexibility to accept a wide range of user credentials

BT Assure: Security that matters.

The BT Assure identity and access management portfolio provides a range of powerful services to help ensure that only authorised users gain fast and easy access.

Extra security for you and your customers.

As more organisations embrace online services and remote working, it’s vital that you have a reliable way of authenticating identities. Our strong, multi-factor service gives you an extra level of online security for you and your customers.

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