Vergangene Veranstaltung

Cybertech Europe 2019 - Rome

Join us at Cybertech Europe to discover how to make security integral to your business.

  • La Nuvola Convention Centre, Rome
  • 24 - 25 Sep 2019
  • 08:00 - 18:00 CEST

As our world becomes ever more digital we face new and complex security challenges that span technology, business and policy.

Sophisticated threats such as ransomware, subversion of infrastructure and information warfare require advanced defence and response. Cyber security is now a boardroom issue.

Join the movers-and-shakers in the world of security at this year’s Cybertech Europe. This two day event will bring together over 5000 attendees, including global security professionals, top executives, government officials and leading decision-makers from a wide range of sectors to discuss responses to key trends in cyber security.

On 24 September, our BT Group CISO, Les Anderson, will share his thoughts as a member of a panel discussing ‘How to build a strategic autonomy in cyber’.

We look forward to seeing you there.