Vergangenes Webinar

Securely manage multiple cloud providers and platforms

Paul Crichard, Security CTO, BT and Richard Baker, Futures Security Architect, BT

  • Online
  • 22 Jun 2018
  • 11:00 - 12:00 GMT

77% of CISOs working with BT are actively moving to the cloud or planning to adopt cloud services. Of these, 71% said they have some policies, but 30% stated they don't understand what they are in reality.

If you’re thinking about cloud or multi-cloud environments you will need to take a deeper look at your security. Yes, it’s quicker, and agile model and therefore cheaper but it does come with an extra level of risk that previous data centre options mitigated. You’ll need to validate your cloud vendor to make sure your company’s data is separated from other data, that you are getting the context rich information back and that the right people and devices are accessing it. The big thing is to put the necessary and sufficient security and compliance controls in place, and to keep checking that they’re appropriate, effective, and moving forward while you take up the cloud (and beyond).

Watch the replay to hear from BT’s Security CTO and find out what’s required to identify, manage and control threats across your hybrid estate and multiple clouds. We’ll look at how to discover where your data is, who can see it or access it or process it, and how to avoid data sovereignty violations. The webinar will also cover how vital it is to know what we are all responsible for and how can you mitigate for the risks and new threats in order to stay secure.

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  • Paul Crichard, Chief technology officer, security
  • Richard Baker, Principle security innovation architect
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