Vergangenes Webinar

Shape the future of infrastructure – insights and learnings

A series of webinars on future of network

  • Online
  • 31 Aug 2021

The decisions you’re making at the moment to tackle your current infrastructure challenges, need to not only get you through today, but also provide you with a platform for the future.

Join our global network and cloud experts as they share their thoughts on the shape of infrastructure to come. Don’t be caught off guard, prepare for the ‘next normal’.


How do you solve the SD-WAN puzzle?

31 Aug, 15:00–15:30 UK time


Scott Cowling, Director of network solutions, BT
Anne-Gaelle Santos, Senior manager SDWAN services, BT
John Spearman, Sector CTO, BT


As organizations shape their new future, they need flexibility and a laser-like focus on experience. That’s why many are accelerating their move to SD-WAN.

Choosing the right technology is part of the answer to a successful puzzle, but you need all the right pieces in the right places.

In this webinar of our ‘Shape the future of infrastructure’ series, we’ll explain the other key factors you need to consider in building your solution, including everything from skills to service to security.

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How to shape your network for the new normal

01 Oct, 15.00–15.30 UK time


Scott Cowling, Director of network solutions, BT
Tausif Awan, Sales solutions director, BT


The new normal has accelerated the pace of change. Digital transformation plans have had to move forward by months and even years.

As you shape the future of your organisation, you need to build a network infrastructure which can match it.

In the first webinar of our ‘Shape the future of infrastructure’ series, we explored a research that shows how global organisations are shaping their infrastructure to meet ‘new normal’ demands.

We also looked at how our customers are searching for much more than the latest technology to create the right shape network to support their future.

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