Riccy Sidoli

Senior Manager, Customer Contact solutions Technology

Riccy is responsible for product management and development of our global customer contact portfolio.

Riccy joined us in 1988, initially working on the design and implementation of network and service management systems in a variety of IT roles.

From 1996, he became involved in leading on the technical architecture for our systems integration, which gave him exposure to a wide range of middleware technologies and integration challenges. Riccy then became involved in CRM systems, in particular integrating IVR systems with our operational support systems to support self-service and integration of our internal CRM systems. In 2001, he became the CTO for our BT Contact central venture setup to productise and market an integrated CRM system for small and mid-size organisations which brought together the Siebel CRM system with one of the earliest IP-based, multi-media contact centre platforms. 

Since 2007, Riccy has worked in product management, initially combining the contact central product with our cloud based multi-media contact centre to create Cloud Contact. He has taken over leadership of the development of our Cisco based cloud contact centre solution Cloud Contact Cisco, and leads the teams creating the cloud CRM applications portfolio, adding our WFM and recording solutions Optimise Cloud, PCI Security and is now developing our Genesys Cloud, as well as continuing to grow the value add applications covering artificial intelligence and chatbots, messaging and biometrics.