Sarah Moseley

Head of Vertical Solutions and Business Development, Retail and Consumer Goods

Sarah provides strategic direction for our retail and consumer goods customers and works with our partners to fulfil our customers digital transformation ambitions. Having worked in an innovation role for 10 years, new and disruptive technologies interest her.

Sarah is responsible for the strategy of deploying our vertical propositions into our retail and consumer goods customers. Sarah thrives on helping our customers transform and create better experiences for their own customers. She has worked in retail for many years, and previously owned her own retail store. Sarah truly understands our retail customers’ challenges and pain points.

Sarah’s exploration of the global retail and consumer goods landscape helps our customers gain a focus on what’s real and what works when building their strategy in a digital world.

As Head of Vertical Solutions and Business Development, Sarah works closely with our customers to provide input on how to face the challenges of a new digital landscape, where their customers are often more connected and informed than their employees. She helps our customers focus on developing a vision for their business that aims to improve customer experience and drive business efficiencies as well as make technology solutions integral to their business strategy helping them solve their real business challenges from supply chain to factory floor or store.

With over 30 years of experience, Sarah has developed in-depth knowledge of the marketplace and keeps an interest in new and disruptive technologies.