Pressemitteilung · 19 Apr 2018

Vela's market data feed now available via the BT Radianz Cloud


Customers can access multiple sets of data from a single source, optimising costs

BT announced today that SuperFeed, a fully-managed market data feed designed and operated by trading and market access technology provider Vela, can be accessed via the BT Radianz Cloud, one of the world’s largest secure financial markets cloud communities.

SuperFeed offers customers a single source for data feeds spanning 100 global venues including BME, Cboe, CME, CTA, Deutsche Börse, Euronext, Istanbul, LSE, Moscow, Nasdaq, NYSE, OPRA, Tel Aviv and many others. It is hosted by Vela and delivered as a managed service via the Radianz Cloud, meaning customers do not require investment in their own back-office infrastructure. SuperFeed is fully compatible with Vela's existing enterprise software which enables customers to design bespoke systems to meet their unique business requirements.

The Radianz Cloud is a community of thousands of brokers, institutions, exchanges and clearing and settlement houses. Through a single, resilient and secure network connection engineered for the exacting demands of the financial markets industry, members can reliably access thousands of applications and services from more than 400 providers critical to the every-day running of the global financial sector.

“Customers accessing Vela’s SuperFeed via our highly-secure and resilient Radianz Cloud can benefit from lower costs and reduced operational risk. At the same time, Vela benefits from a ready-made market place with thousands of clients in the capital markets ecosystem as it drives for growth for its managed services business. This is a great example of how both customers and providers can benefit from joining the Radianz Cloud community with high-performance service, accessibility and choice.” 
- David Payne, managing director, Radianz Services

“Vela’s SuperFeed is designed to simplify and speed up clients’ access to data via a single source. This eliminates the need for clients to directly source various, disparate market data feeds as well as alleviate the ongoing mandated overheads of managing the infrastructure and exchange-driven changes. By joining the BT Radianz Cloud community, Vela’s market data feed clients gain access to a range of connectivity and hosting solutions from one of the world’s largest secure networked financial communities.”
- Ollie Cadman, head of business operations, Vela

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Aleksander Straunik, Global PR.