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BT and KPMG’s five-stage journey to effective cyber security


17 . Juli  2017

Mark Hughes

Posts nach Autoren: Mark Hughes, President, BT Security


For any company who was feeling confident about its cyber defences, 2017 has been a brutal wake-up call. Our cyber journey shows how you can learn from those who are further ahead and look to achieve a position of true leadership .

A shock to the cyber system

This year has already been a shock for many organisations when it comes to cyber security. A series of major attacks have laid bare the inadequacies of their defences — while highlighting the risk they face from hackers.

Take WannaCry, for example. So far, it’s the biggest cyber-crime story of the year (and let’s hope it stays that way). The impact the ransomware had is entirely indicative of the kind of threats every company faces.

Starting the security journey

To deal with the current level of threat, organisations need to fix the basics and not run before they can walk. In our new report ‘The cyber security journey — from denial to opportunity’ produced in partnership with KPMG, we explore some of the common pitfalls that businesses fall into as they deal with the complexity of securing a digital enterprise.

We’ve come up with some specific recommendations on how best to manage your security journey and turn it into business opportunity. But, as a first step, you need to find out where you see yourself on this cyber-security journey.

This journey is made up of five stages:

Denial — not accepting that you face a threat.
Worry — accepting the problem, and buying as much security software as you can.
False Confidence — believing your new security solutions will keep you secure.
Hard Lessons — discovering a breach in your network, despite your security.
True Leadership — realising that true security means you must work with your community and share information.

According to our report, discovering where you are on this journey, then finding out how to keep moving forward, is vital to success.

To help you move towards a position of true leadership in security, we’ll be going through each stage in detail. So keep an eye out for the next blog in our series.

Make sure you download our report to find out where your company is on its cyber journey.