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Cyber security: hard lessons


05 . März  2018

Global Services

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You’ve overcome the ‘False confidence’ stage of your cyber security journey, now you face the toughest phase yet — ‘Hard lessons’. Our new visual explores the implications.

Unfortunately, even the best prepared organisations are likely, at one point or another, to suffer a breach. This is the hard lesson that gives this stage of your cyber security journey its name.

The important thing to remember is that while no cyber attack is, in itself, a positive — a company’s reaction to an attack can be.

It’s key to learn from a breach, to figure out what gaps you have in your defences and use that information as a springboard to better security. The question is: how?

To discover the answer, and more about the importance of this stage, make sure to take a look at our visual below.

Keep an eye out for our next insightful visual, all about the final stage of the cyber security journey — the place where we’re all aiming to end up — ‘True leadership’. And for even more insight, download the full report today.