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Developing digital collaboration


16 . Oktober  2017

Global Services

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Digital transformation can mean drastically improving how your people collaborate at work. Our new white paper explains how.

The benefits of flexible working are well documented. It can cut your costs, make your people more productive and help them to collaborate more effectively. And it’s intrinsically linked with digital transformation.

Using digital technology to enhance how your people work (and giving them the option to work where and when they want), is key — but not easy to achieve.

Transforming collaboration within your business is a major change. It requires interoperability between technology vendors and systems to ensure the best experience. And it demands meeting the needs of each individual, as well as employees as a whole.

To explore these challenges, and their solutions, we created a white paper — ‘Putting people first through digital transformation’.

Discover the key ideas from the paper in the visual below. And download the full document, here.