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How the need for flexibility is changing professional services


06 . September  2017

Simon Warner

Posts nach Autoren: Simon Warner, General Manager for Technology, Media and Professional Services, BT


The latest tools and tech will only get professional services so far. Here’s why you have to build your IT solutions around the workstyles of your people.

Customising workplace communications

The need for flexibility in professional services is driving a change in the way that suppliers deliver communications to their clients.

Packages made up of services with well-defined functionalities, yet limited (and often high-cost) opportunities for customisation, used to be the popular choice.

Now, however, professional services organisations favour the ability to offer a range of services that provide more flexibility — along with greater scope for customisation.

Improving professional services performance

The reason for this move towards greater flexibility is simple. Professional services companies have discovered that tailoring technology to the workstyles of their teams and individuals boosts performance.

People work in a specific way — and they need the technology they use to reflect that. Off-the-peg tools simply aren’t enough anymore.

And it’s not just about the technology. The first step to providing the right tools is establishing a thorough understanding of how your teams communicate — and developing tailored options based on that knowledge.

Tailoring tools to meet needs

Even though you need to know how your people work before providing them with the right solution, there are still common elements that feature in effective communications systems.

These include:

  • access to mobile networks
  • media recording
  • screen sharing
  • office space
  • remote working
  • instant messaging
  • video

Whatever tools work best for your teams, chances are you’ll need to consider a mix of these to boost performance across your organisation.

Making the most of your workforce

Tailoring your communication tools to your people’s preferences is something you need to aim for, but it’s certainly not the end of your performance-improvement efforts.

Training plays a vital role in making sure your employees get the most from the technology at their disposal. There’s no point doing all the work to understand their needs, handing them the tools and leaving them to get on with it.

On top of this, key performance indicator (KPI) monitoring can be a useful tactic. It’s not so much about holding people to account — more a case of helping them to track their progress and results, while identifying any areas for further progress.

Services that drive success

For us, creativity in the way you use technology will always take priority over the technology itself. That’s why we work with our clients to provide each of their people with a selection of services — all chosen with their needs in mind.

We have the ability to put together the range of communications services that will best support your professional services business, and we can help you get the most out of the services you’ve chosen, too. Find out more.