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How to become a ‘true leader’ in cyber security


10 . April  2018

Global Services

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Our series of visuals have explored your cyber security journey, and we’ve reached the final stage — ‘True leadership’. What does this mean? Read on to find out.

So far, your cyber security journey has been arduous. You’ve gone through ‘Denial’, ‘Worry’, ‘False confidence’ and ‘Hard lessons’. Each of these stages meant risk for your company, and weren’t easy to overcome. But you persevered, and here you are at stage five — ‘True leadership’.

This is where all the lessons you learned on your journey come together to form a new way of thinking about cyber security. Your new approach is defined by its flexibility, its collaborative nature and its forward-thinking priorities. It might be the final stage of your cyber security journey, but it’s not the end of your fight against cyber crime.

To explore this stage further, take a look at the visual below.

And for the full story, make sure to read the research that gave rise to this insight in the first place.