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Why cloud is still at the centre of digital transformation

Digital plays an ever-increasing role in business strategy. And at the heart of digital transformation is the cloud — as long as you use it properly…

To get the best business outcomes from your digital transformation, it’s critical that you make the most of the cloud. And that means formulating a strategy that takes advantage of the agility, reduced costs and innovation that the cloud can bring.

The question is: how do you form such a strategy?

That’s what we’ve answered in our report — ‘Cloud going mainstream: all are trying, some are benefiting; few are maximising value.’ Created in partnership with IDC and Cisco, the report looks at more than 6,100 organisations across 31 countries, exploring the relationship between the most successful of these companies, and the way they use the cloud.

To give you a taste of the kind of insight we’re talking about, this infographic presentation from IDC explores the key themes. Take a look below to discover more about the future of the cloud and its relationship with your business’ digital transformation.

Download the full report, to make sure your organisation is ready to embrace its digital transformation.