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How the manufacturing industry avoids digital dislocation


05 . Juni  2017

Mike Willacy

Posts nach Autoren: Mike Willacy, Senior Marketing Manager, Unified Communications, BT


How does manufacturing compare with others industries when it comes to digital dislocation? Our new infographic investigates.

Our report on digital dislocation — the loss of collaboration that can result from the rise of mobile working — reveals just how big a problem this phenomenon is in the workplace, including in the manufacturing industry.

In our research, we discovered that the more geographically diverse a manufacturing organisation becomes, the more likely it is to suffer from digital dislocation.

The question then is: what is the manufacturing industry doing to combat digital dislocation? And how does this compare to the actions other industries are taking to tackle the same problem?

Find the answer to those questions in our infographic, below.

And after you’ve looked at the infographic, read the full report, here, and head to our manufacturing page for more information on how we’re helping the industry fight digital dislocation.