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Innovation milestones marking technological progress


12 . Juni  2017

Global Services

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As our technology exhibition, Innovation 2017, approaches, we set the scene with a visual — charting points where innovation has driven a huge leap forward.

Innovation is in our blood. From the moment systems for mass communication became a possibility, we were there.

We believe innovation is something to be celebrated. So, we’re holding a technology exhibition, Innovation 2017, to do just that — to celebrate creative, forward thinking technology, and to showcase some of our own.

We’ve designed Innovation 2017 to help you embrace digital transformation and thrive in a changing world. It’ll bring together over 100 technology experts and leading speakers to embrace, debate and explore the possibilities, so that you can make definitive plans about the future of your customer experience, cyber security, machine learning, and more.

This visual showcases some pivotal, innovative events in technology over the decades. Have a look — and imagine what’s yet to come.