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27 . Juli  2017

Simon Warner

Posts nach Autoren: Simon Warner, General Manager for Technology, Media and Professional Services, BT


Professional services providers are at the forefront of digital transformation. But, to stay there, they face more pressure than most. Here’s why.

In this — the first of a series of blog articles on the relationship between professional services and communications technology — I’ll explore the digital landscape that these service providers are doing business in, and take a look at what they need to do, to survive there.

Dealing with digital disruption

Today, digital innovations are transforming how we work and live. New technologies are drastically improving workplace productivity, which is expected to rise 22 per cent by 2020. While this is great for business, it also puts huge pressure on organisations to keep up with their competition.

Put simply, the digital age forces organisations to transform, and this pressure affects professional services providers more than most.

Digital transformation, doubled

Clients are asking these services to help them grapple with new challenges in the digital marketplace and the effects of digital disruption. But, to do this successfully, and in a way that preserves their position in the market, professional services providers need to be masters of the very technology they’re helping their clients to adjust to. It’s as if they have to deal with digital disruption twice.

It’s no wonder that The World Economic Forum’s (WEF) assessment is that, “Professional services is in the vanguard of digital transformation” and that, “The ability of its practitioners to adjust to changing demand has been important in driving growth in professional services.”

The solution for professional services

So, here’s the million dollar question: how are professional services providers making the most of digital transformation, both for themselves and their clients?

Well, our professional services clients tell us that the secret lies in investing in communications technology that “just works”.  To exploit all the benefits brought about by digital transformation, professional services providers need to begin with a network that’s ready to go, straight off the shelf, while offering the best in agility, security and connectivity.

You can find out more, here.

Explore further

In the next entries of this blog series, I’ll look at how professional services providers can get the communications technology they need, and further explore the challenges they face.

So, stay tuned.