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Infographic: The evolution of customer behaviour


16 . Januar  2018

Global Services

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Undertaken in partnership with Cisco, our new research into global consumer behaviour — ‘Chat, tap, talk: Eight key trends to transform your digital customer experience’ — reveals major shifts in how people want to communicate with organisations.

For example, we discovered that type-based messaging is more popular than ever. People want instant responses, and technology such as AI chatbots is ideal for offering just that. However, this doesn’t mean that consumers have forgotten other channels. Instead, consumers are using messaging, voice and video together — creating a bespoke contact experience that suits their needs.

These insights are priceless for senior decision makers — giving them concrete trends, from which they can develop successful strategies for both digital transformation and customer communications.

To find out more, take a look at the visual below, where we’ve highlighted some of the big revelations from the research.

For the whole story, download the paper today.