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There’s no agility without security in professional services


24 . August  2017

Simon Warner

Posts nach Autoren: Simon Warner, General Manager for Technology, Media and Professional Services, BT


Technologies like cloud services offer professional services clients more agility than ever. But here’s why suppliers need to focus on cyber security first.

Building trust in professional services

There’s one thing that links all successful professional services providers — client trust.

The organisations thriving in 2017 are doing so because their customers trust them with data, IP, and strategic planning. And this trust comes from security.

That’s why, in today’s rapidly shifting digital landscape, professional services providers must be absolutely sure that their systems — not to mention their anytime, anywhere connectivity — are secure.

Securing relationships with clients

The key to building and maintaining trust with your clients is using technology that provides round-the-clock cyber security oversight. Without this, you can’t demonstrate to them the safety of their data and IP.

Effective cyber security is especially essential when working with cloud-based services. Your clients want the agility, ease of collaboration and access to data on any device from anywhere that the cloud provides. However, without security, there’s no agility.

To maintain trust in such an environment, professional services providers need a cloud service that minimises exposure to threats, and offers the transparency, control and visibility that will reassure their clients.

Three steps to effective security

It’s simple enough to say that security is vital. But how do you go about handling it effectively?

You can take the lead from our professional services clients, who tell us that they find the following essential:

  • A strong network that underpins everything — including data, hybrid-cloud access, applications and devices.
  • Cutting-edge security services and professionals that bring the expertise and experience of dealing with a threat landscape that evolves constantly.
  • Security protocols that reflect every change in the regulatory environment (such as the impending General Data Protection Regulation), and adapt processes accordingly.

Achieve these three aims, and you’ll be more than able to show your clients they can trust you with their important business assets.

Working with an expert partner

Whether you have the capability to deliver effective cyber security in house or not, you still need to show your clients that you can protect their data and IP. It’s vital for building trust and achieving success.

We can work with you to make sure your clients have exactly the security and agility they need. And you can leave it all to us — allowing you to concentrate on your core business activities and building long-lasting relationships with clients.

Find out more about our cyber security and professional services solutions. And look out for the next article in this series, which will look at how to provide flexibility through technology.