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Why professional services need agile networks


10 . August  2017

Simon Warner

Posts nach Autoren: Simon Warner, General Manager for Technology, Media and Professional Services, BT


‘Agility’ is the watchword for successful professional services providers in 2017. Here’s why.

Always on

As I wrote in my previous blog professional services providers depend on the ability to communicate easily, no matter where, no matter when. That’s what it takes, if you want to help clients get ahead in a digital world.

And that’s why agility is paramount for professional services providers — it gives them the ability to rapidly reconfigure their offerings to meet client needs, wherever and whenever.

Agility is key

The World Economic Forum’s white paper — ‘Digital Transformation Initiative: Professional Services Industry’ — tells us that a nimble mindset helps providers to exceed client expectations.

With the right agile network, providers can analyse a client’s needs, and respond immediately — because their own IT systems and set-up give them the ability to work and communicate seamlessly.

Getting the IT system right is also important, because operating in a professional services environment these days often means working in teams with colleagues you’ve never met. Or holding effective business calls, wherever you happen to be at the time.

What else is professional services looking for?

To give you an even clearer view of what professional services providers look for in an IT system, we asked some of our clients what they deemed essential. Here’s what they said:

Crystal-clear interactions, uncompromised by distance.

Complete integration of the physical and virtual workplace: e.g. video and audio conferencing, presence and IM, project management and document sharing capabilities.

Ability to tap into your communications network via any device.

We make it work, seamlessly

With our help, your professional services company can achieve the digital agility it needs.

Our transformative collaboration tools give you peace of mind: you can initiate contact at any time and it will ‘just work’. Plus, our collaborative technology and services will flex as you change and grow, meaning you’ll always have the connectivity you need.

Find out more about our collaboration and professional services solutions.

Look out for the next part of this series, where I’ll go into the importance of security to professional services’ systems.