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Cyber security: are you worried?


10 . November  2017

Global Services

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Is ‘Worry’ your response to the growing cyber threat? Find out why that’s a dangerous place for your business to be (and not for the reasons you think).

After ‘Denial’, the next stage in your cyber security journey is ‘Worry’.

You’ve realised there’s a risk, and now you’re concerned about an inevitable attack. However, here’s the thing; it’s not the attack itself that’s a danger at this stage — it’s your response.

Companies in this position, turn to security spending as a solution. They see technology as a panacea. But without care, consideration and strategy, no amount of money can keep you secure.

Explore this stage further, and discover how to move on, with our visual below.

Keep an eye out for our upcoming blog, where we’ll move onto the next stage of your cyber security journey — ‘False confidence’. In the meantime, make sure you complete the form on this page to download our report to get even more information on the five stages.