Blog · 30 Sep 2019

BMV and BT Radianz: Achieving economic progress

Becoming the most respected financial exchange in Mexico is no easy task. Here’s how a partnership with BT Radianz is helping BMV to realise this goal.

Mexican stock exchange, BMV, was seeking to raise its standing and become a catalyst for economic progress through innovation, experience and world-class services.

To achieve this, it was vital to provide access to the latest multicast real-time market data to support the needs of international clients.

That’s where the Radianz network comes into play, allowing customers to access BMV real-time data feeds over their existing Radianz connections quickly and cost effectively. It’s a partnership that’s helping BMV go from strength to strength - providing a data solution international participants can consume.

Discover more about the partnership in our interview video, and find out how it can serve as a framework for other Latin American exchanges seeking to raise their international profile.