Blog · 04 Apr 2018

Cloud: a digital platform to help your business blast off

In today's world, it takes a cloud platform to give your business the foundation it needs to really take off. Sergio Rivero Ventas explores the reasons why.

Head of Compute, security and cross portfolio, Iberia

Shifting landscapes

Today, the contexts in which businesses operate can change extremely quickly. From one day to the next, a company might find that a new technology has completely blown up their way of working. Or perhaps a new player in the market has begun to provide a similar service, but with a model of consumption and a relationship with users that’s completely new, and more aligned with the expectation of today's consumers.

They must find a way to keep up, or otherwise face the prospect of falling behind the competition.

To overcome this constantly shifting landscape, organisations need to work from a digital platform that’s agile, scalable, available around the world and always-on. And for me, the solution lies in the cloud.

Outsourcing as a business enabler

In the past, CIOs would outsource certain areas of the business. These might sit outside the core of the business; be non-mission critical; or just be less efficient. This has now changed.

Today’s CIO is a key business facilitator and needs to consider outsourcing as more of a way to build the business and open up opportunities. Furthermore, maybe a deep journey of digital transformation can’t be achieved by following traditional models.

The cloud is the best way to accomplish digital transformation — that’s why CIOs are adopting it more and more, every day.

Because of this increased investment in the cloud, organisations are better able to create true ‘cloud-like’ businesses: developing new features, creating new software and scaling flexibly to keep up with ‘infinite’ demand, all at a much faster pace — not to mention controlling costs and reducing investment risk.

Beyond the cloud

When you decide to outsource and develop your business using the cloud, it’s likely that you’ll find you need multiple cloud services from numerous providers. And this setup can become complex to manage, and difficult to leverage the most value from.

You’ll probably need an enhanced governance model and a simplified way of consuming all this cloud infrastructure, to avoid hidden or unexpected costs as well as any form of “shadow IT”. For all these reasons, what you need is a cloud management system that drives real business value from the multiple cloud services you use.

A Cloud Management System offers you not only a single interface and a single bill to manage your infrastructure, but also the ability to create your own personalised cloud catalogue, enabling you to bring your brand new digital business to your customers.

Real-life example of the cloud at work

Talk is one thing, but I expect you’d like to see proof that a cloud platform really can be as transformative as I’ve said. If that’s the case, then there’s an example from one of our projects here at BT that I’d like to share with you.

The company in question is Hotelbeds. It had a traditional bed banking business: buying beds from hotels and selling them on to other resellers, tour operators and travel agencies.

But when a host of other companies, such as Booking or other search engines like Trivago, came along and started facilitating selling beds directly to the consumer (with easy ways to compare prices), Hotelbeds had to find a way to speed up its service. It needed to sell beds to these companies and grow at the same time as the burgeoning online booking market. In order to achieve this, it was critical to have the platform in place, with automation through the cloud. So we helped Hotelbeds completely transform the way it worked, through the cloud — helping it to keep up with these new, digital businesses. Read our full case study, here.

Find out more

Hopefully, I’ve given you an idea of how powerful a platform the cloud can be, as a way to help your business really blast off. If you want to find out more, take a look at our Cloud Management Platform — BT Compute Management System. With it, you can get the most out of your cloud investments, no matter how many providers you buy from.