Blog · 01 Feb 2018

New research reveals key to success for managing your security

New research reveals why automation and integration could be the most important aspects of your cyber security in the future.

Recent research reveals fresh insight into how today’s organisations are securing themselves against cyber crime.  

The security situation

In the face of rising threat levels, cyber security faces two major challenges:

  1. Security estates are overcomplicated, with too many products. Just over half of organisations are trying to manage more than ten security products. And 18 per cent are attempting to manage over 50!
  2. There’s a huge security skills shortage. Ninety-seven per cent of companies struggle to find people with the skills they need.

These were the key findings highlighted in IDC’s ‘Managing Security Operations: Towards Integration and Automation’ InfoBrief.

The research

Conducted by IDC and sponsored by BT and McAfee, the survey questioned security influencers and budget holders across 450 organisations globally, to uncover differences in their approach to security technologies, integration and manageability, and steps towards automation.

From their responses, IDC was able to paint a picture of the security landscape today: both the challenges and the way in which companies are tackling them.

The series

In a nutshell, the results of the survey revealed that the integration of security products, management and automation are all key to success.

Getting to grips with the InfoBrief will help your organisation to stay secure at a time when the threat level is high. We’ll be exploring it through a series of blogs.

Stay tuned to find out more about managing your security operations — and moving toward a successful strategy of automation, integration and management.


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