Evolution of the LAN

New ways of working are rapidly changing our networks.

We consulted key decision makers from over 400 large enterprises (5,000 employees or more) between December 2020 and January 2021, to find out how they’re adapting their LAN for the challenges of the pandemic and post-pandemic era.

Key findings from our research:


A change in strategy

The pandemic is changing how organisations view and work with their LAN.


Improving the office LAN

Upgrading LAN entices employees back into the office and improves workplace safety.


The importance of security

Organisations recognise the importance of security, increasing their automated threat detection and remediation.


The rise of outsourcing

The pandemic has increased adoption of managed service providers, in a rapid response to a changing situation.

What’s driving businesses to upgrade their LAN?

0 %
want to improve working from home
0 %
want to support increased use of video calling
0 %
want to track user densities to improve safety
0 %
want to employ more cameras for security


Our recommendations for LAN

  1. Performance will be critical: to getting employees back into the office in the post-pandemic era.
  2. Merging LAN and WAN: will provide opportunities for cost saving and improved capabilities.
  3. More automation: is vital to support rapidly changing business requirements and security threats.
  4. Working with a partner: to manage your LAN will lead to faster delivery of more progressive capabilities.

The need to outsource

Organisations have had to adapt incredibly rapidly to new ways of working, but they frequently lack the skills and experience.

50% of respondents are now considering outsourcing all or some of their LAN functions.

What organisations are looking for in a partner


Trust and reputation

A reliable partner with a wealth of knowledge and experience is critical.


24 x 7 support

Organisations want to know that they can resolve issues quickly, at any time.


Speed of deployment

Solutions need to be rolled out fast to match the current pace of change.


Global reach

They value services that are available on a global scale.

The pandemic has altered how IT organisations view their LAN and their requirements — both now and in the future. In these changed circumstances, the solution is to look to partners with the right experience to deliver the right solutions quickly.