Blog · 23 Feb 2022

Global SIP Trunking is thriving again in the indirect channel

Our channel partners are reporting an uptick in global voice requirements, as organisations look for a flexible, simple and scalable solution.

Daniel Stas
Principal Digital Workplace & Mobility, BT

I’m having a lot of conversations with channel partners who are reporting a new urgency amongst their customers about global voice.

Their customers are now used to operating in hyperscale environments with unlimited bandwidth and rack space and they’re looking for voice services that have the scope to match this growth – in any country. In today’s fast-changing environment they don’t necessarily know what volume of calls they’ll need, but they want to be prepared.

What’s behind this urgency?

Complexity is sweeping through the telco world forcing telecoms resellers and system integrators to rethink what they need from a global voice solution. Here are the factors that I think are in play:

A need to support business growth

Resellers in particular are focused on expanding their businesses, needing voice capability in a wider range of countries. But covering more countries means more management of an already complicated variety of operating environments, cost structures and players. Plus, today, their business growth is more likely to target large corporate customers who demand higher levels of voice quality, compliance and resilience than they’ve needed to provide before.

High call quality is essential

Across the reseller and system integrator market, end customers continue to value call quality and, if anything, their expectations have risen. The increasing dependence on collaboration tools such as Microsoft Teams and a growth in calls during the pandemic have underlined how important call quality is to business today – but some IP voice services are struggling to deliver.

A search for consolidation

End customers are also moving further down their path to digital transformation, and want to consolidate their voice services in line with their digital and cloud capabilities. But this isn’t a quick and easy process with their existing voice provision which is traditionally a patchwork of country-specific services.

Rising regulation complexity

All this is happening against a background of increasing regulation. Internationally, governments are clamping down on growing rates of hacking, spoofing and phishing in the voice market by placing a responsibility on the provider to ensure an outbound call is legitimate. Being able to implement a STIR / SHAKEN technology framework designed to reduce fraudulent robocalls and spoofing is now essential. And the security and encryption capabilities of global voice services are becoming more important, too. End customers are prioritising the security of a dedicated voice service over one that’s part of a wider internet-based platform.

A wave of global SIP trunking take-up

End customers are prioritising flexibility, call quality and a simple service structure from a supplier with a secured, highly reliable service. And they want all the legal and regulatory compliance issues handled for them across multiple geographies.

Increasingly, telecoms resellers and systems integrators are turning to global SIP trunking services to satisfy their customers. It’s an effective IP alternative to traditional PSTN

and allows organisations to converge their infrastructure and make calls over their data network. Choosing SIP trunking delivers a flexible, scalable, reliable and secure service that offers more than cost-effective calls and lines packages and the option to cut legacy costs. Global SIP trunking gives centralised control and a simplified architecture that reduces hardware, deployment and maintenance costs. It’s an ideal option for rationalisation and standardisation. Plus, it’s future ready and will integrate with new technologies at whatever pace the organisation wants.

A global voice solution that solves channel partners’ issues

We offer SIP services in 73 countries, deploying and managing global SIP solutions for more than 390+ customers, with over 430,000 channels. We know how to make global voice services work, handling more than 10 billion minutes per year.

Our One Voice Global SIP service is ready to help telecoms resellers and systems integrators help their end customers, from simplifying their voice infrastructure through to supporting their global expansion and use of collaboration technologies. What’s more, our channel partners find that our SIP services increase their stickiness with their customers.

To find out more about One Voice Global SIP, please get in touch with your account manager.