Securely connecting Gemini with cryptocurrency institutional customers worldwide

With BT Radianz Cloud, this leading digital asset exchange and custodian can now access the community’s global market reach and resilience.

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In the world of cryptocurrencies, trust is key. At the forefront of financial innovation, the buzz around Bitcoin, Ether and other digital assets have been growing for years now. But some banks and brokers have been slow to invest, pointing to market volatility, cybersecurity challenges and lack regulation. Gemini plans to change that.

Founded in 2014 by brothers Cameron and Tyler Winklevoss, Gemini is a cryptocurrency exchange and custodian. It’s regulated by New York’s State Department of Financial Services, one of the most stringent in the world. And is the first ‘crypto’ firm to have its security compliance validated by accountancy firm Deloitte.

While Gemini offered a secure way to sell and store digital assets, it lacked a way to reach institutional customers without a presence in New York City. By providing them with BT Radianz’s services, we connected them with one of the world’s largest secure networked financial cloud communities. Opening new opportunities for Gemini and our existing members.

The challenge

Gemini is the only cryptocurrency exchange based in a real data centre. Working out of NY5, it can offer low-latency trading to banks and brokers with their FIX (Financial Information eXchange) interface. They can also provide award-winning support services, which rival traditional financial services firms.

This fintech wanted to attract institutional customers globally. But it had a networking problem. But this fintech startup had a networking problem. Customers that could not physically connect to the NY5 data centre would have to rely on the public internet to use Gemini’s services. But many institutions will only do business under trusted commercial frameworks, which help them to meet their own contractual and regulatory compliance requirements. So this was a barrier to Gemini expanding its international trade. While establishing a secure cloud network of their own would be a costly investment for this new business.

This partnership has really enabled us to offer this direct connectivity via private network to customers who are operating in the major public cloud arena.”

Drew Candres
Technical Exchange Services, Gemini

The solution

We approached Gemini to join the Radianz cloud ecosystem. Engineered for the exacting demands of the international financial markets industry, this private network guarantees the highest levels of performance, reliability and security.

Members of the Radianz Cloud can access thousands of applications and services from more than 400 providers critical to the everyday running of the global financial sector. Which is why it’s already used by thousands of brokers, institutions, exchanges, clearings and settlement houses.

It’s also fully managed, meeting Gemini’s specific needs without them having to shoulder responsibility for maintaining it. Instead, our team of experts keep it up and running, while making sure it adapts to new market and regulatory standards.

The result

Being part of the Radianz community means that Gemini can offer its existing institutional customers a new way to confidently connect with their services. While also giving them a global reach to attract new customers. All underpinned by technology that can securely scale as their business grows. Adding Gemini to our network also means we can offer our community members better access to the growing cryptocurrency market.

As an added benefit, we’ve also been able to help Gemini develop a new way to connect with customers who do trade over the public cloud. Our Radianz solution allows trading partners using Amazon Web Services or Google Cloud Platform to directly connect with Gemini’s infrastructure at NY5. While these customers don’t deal in the same volumes institutions do, they make up the majority of cryptocurrency trading. By being able to offer this audience better service, Gemini can further expand. Helping take cryptocurrencies mainstream.  

Adding Radianz Cloud connectivity to our current low latency offerings in the NY5 data centre allows our existing institutional customer base to access our FIX interface whether they are directly connected or in AWS.”

Nick Vigier
Chief Information Officer, Gemini