Whitepaper · 26 Oct 2022

Growing sustainability through colocation

Read our whitepaper to find out how the BT-Equinix partnership reimagines your data centre provision and boosts your sustainability.

Today’s organisations are on the alert for new ways to improve sustainability.

Increasingly, consumers, businesses, institutions and governments are embracing the need for change – and looking for partners to help lead the way to more sustainable ways of operating.

Forward-thinking organisations are on a well-established green trajectory where many business decisions are now set in the context of their ability to improve sustainability. Ideally, no decisions are signed off without a clear understanding of the sustainability gains to be made.

Colocation is one of those golden business options that combine a wide range of operational and commercial benefits with substantial sustainability improvements. It’s a strong choice that meets the exacting requirements of the IT team, makes clear cost-saving sense, and opens up greener ways of hosting and processing data.

We’ve a long-standing partnership with Equinix that brings together our world-leading network and data centre services. We also have robust track records of improving sustainability within our own organisations, and those of our customers.

In this whitepaper our experts will lay out the green case for colocation, including:

  • the IT benefits
  • the dominant sustainability drivers today
  • how and why colocation is a sustainable choice
  • the sustainability credentials of the BT-Equinix partnership.

Download our whitepaper to find out how you can grow sustainably through colocation.

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