Whitepaper · 10 Dec 2021

Managing cyber risk for a secure future

BT Security’s managing director outlines what organisations need to tackle today’s evolving threat landscape.

How do you secure your organisation against a constantly evolving wave of cyber threats?

There’s no such thing as 100% security. In today’s increasingly complex and uncertain threat landscape, organisations must accept that malicious behaviour and unknown vulnerabilities are inevitable.

High-profile cyber incidents like the SolarWinds and Colonial Pipeline attacks have set the context for a new era of cyber threats – where intruders could be operating inside your estate for months before they’re exposed.

Across all sectors, organisations are now grappling with a wave of constantly evolving risks, working practices and technologies – which require a continuously developing strategy and a complete change of mindset around cybersecurity.

Whether you’re a multinational corporation or a start-up, embedding security into your people, processes and technology is key, not just for protection – but to provide a solid foundation that will enable your business strategy to move forward into the future.

Following his keynote session ‘Managing cyber risk for a secure future’ at Economist Impact’s Innovation@Work Virtual Week USA, our Managing director of security, Kevin Brown, has consolidated the core insights from the discussion into a paper.

To find out how to secure your organisation’s future, you can download the full paper here.