Security is the C-suite’s top consideration when looking at network services

New network technology creates new risk, but the same technology is driving a step-change in how we think about security.

Multiple pressures are on CIOs and CISOs to meet the present needs of a data hungry business and workforce, and the future needs of the digital business. Software-driven networks, cloud strategies, multiple access points and data distributed across (and sometimes outside) the perimeter are all enough to keep the security team awake at night.

At the same time the technology driving network change is also driving a step change in how we approach security. A multi-layered approach to security augmented by intelligence and advanced data analytics allows CIOs and CISOs to be far more proactive in defending their environments and organisations. We believe it's a crucial step in giving a business the agility and flexibility it needs, while assuring the protection of its data, assets and reputation.

This paper provides a summary of the key security considerations in this future network landscape, as well as some suggestions as to how the challenges can be overcome.


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