Visibility as a Service

BT-Referenz Connect Intelligence Visibility as a Service
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Take the guesswork out of your network.  Get a complete view of application performance and end user experience, no matter where they log in from.

Thinking of digital transformation?  Like Cloud migration, SD-WAN and need to measure before and after, then VaaS has your back.

VaaS goes further than standard tools and spans all of your complex infrastructure, giving detailed digital monitoring down to end user devices. And that means your IT teams can quickly understand and resolve problems without finger-pointing.  VaaS technology is agile, securely hosted with simple price per user commercials so you can start low and grow.

It gives a single portal for all your network infrastructure, not just parts of it, so you can evolve your business with understanding.

VaaS addresses common challenges like:

  •  Visibility of user issues that have not been reported to service teams
  •  Too much time spent validating user reports
  •  Spiralling costs of hardware and software licensing
  •  Guesstimating the impact change has on the business
  •  Articulating the value that IT brings to your business.

We have the experts to help you find the insight you’re looking for.