Cyber threat consulting

Cyber threat consulting

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In a rapidly shifting threat landscape, understanding adversary behaviour and the biggest threats to your business is a constant challenge.

A clear picture of the attack surface of your organisation is essential so you can align your security controls and decide where it’s best to invest, so you’re ready to take effective action against threats as you discover them.

We can:

  • use technical analysis to underpin the development of a threat model tailored to your specific threat environment, aligning your controls and giving you the intelligence, you need to optimise your estate’s security
  • work with you to establish a strategy and architecture design that perfectly aligns with your business’ needs and direction, including recommended SOC controls and detection and response capabilities
  • use offensive security measures such as war gaming, red teaming and ethical hacking, we’ll help you understand your strengths and vulnerabilities. In the event of an attack, we can support you to contain, solve and review the incident.