Colocation services

Realise the cloud-like benefits of lower costs and improved security with data centre solutions, colocation services and server hosting from BT.


What is Colocation?

Support your business initiatives with colocation and data centre services from BT.

Recent move towards hybrid and multi-cloud solutions means that the cloud is already an important enabler for enterprise IT delivery. Still, some organisations are hesitant to move their existing on-premises infrastructures, whether it be for security and/or compliance issues or due to workloads that don’t suit virtualised platforms.

Thankfully there is also a middle ground option - a hybrid cloud solution, including colocation – renting server space in a data centre. Our colocation solution gives you a highly secure, highly available data centre solution for your IT, across the globe.

With Colocation from BT, you’ll experience:

  • world-class secure data centre solutions
  • futureproofed capacity and growth within purpose-built facilities
  • enhanced performance with no planned downtime and 100% availability
  • BT “on-net”, improving network and platform connectivity and integration options
  • easy access to our latest public, private and hybrid cloud offerings
  • global reach and availability to keep your services local to your users in over 200 locations globally
  • standardised designs
  • additional services to provide an end-to-end solution.

Why choose colocation from BT?

Our colocation services are a valuable part of our wider cloud strategy to support your business growth. Our colocation solutions are:

  • scalable – access a global ecosystem of tools and locations that will help your business grow and move services closer to your users. Service management available from your BT team as a part of our broader portfolio.
  • cost-effective – eliminate CapEx intensive hardware and software and easily migrate software-defined services into our fabric.
  • flexible - fast and efficient capacity provisioning with less planning requirement. A platform enabled approach for simplicity, visibility and control.
  • secure – dedicated space and security are built into our service.
  • connected – cloud-enabled connectivity, meaning high cloud interoperability, high data portability and low latency between public and private environments.

Our colocation services

With our colocation services, you can:

  • modernise and scale your data centre capabilities – consolidating your network and IT environment into a single solution, delivered globally
  • maximise cloud application performance – improve your end user experience by locating your workload wherever it benefits you
  • work with our experts to design and plan your services onto a standard and globally consistent model
  • minimise your operational and commercial risk – using our migration services and flexible commercial models to provide maximum business value.