Hybrid connectivity

Create the agile and secure infrastructure your business needs with hybrid network and cloud solutions from BT.


What is Hybrid connectivity?

Shape your future infrastructure with managed hybrid networks from BT.

Modern wide area networks keep evolving. It’s no longer just about connecting branches and data centres and now extends across the internet, security and cloud services, so how quickly, flexibly and safely you can get information to your users and customers makes the difference. It also underpins the impression you make to a customer to win their business.

And that’s why we don’t leave anything to chance. Our premier services are global, and we use our own network along with approved service providers. This allows for an integrated and coordinated approach complemented by learning, intelligence and security so that you get the best chance to make digital experiences count.

With our global coverage and capability, you’ll see benefits like:

  • defined and uniform Internet services and SLAs across the world
  • sophisticated management and service assurance tools with clear dashboarding
  • global support, from our teams in-country and region – we call this “global reach and local touch”
  • access and connectivity choices around private, public, satellite, cloud and mobile services in 200+ countries and territories, all managed by us on your behalf. 

Hybrid connectivity is part of our story and our experience. Our expertise covers all areas and domains around IT and when you join them together, with us, you get a powerful solution that is bigger than the sum of its parts.

We now have a network that can flex for what’s next.”

Leonard Kerscher
Director, IT and Digital Transformation, Karcher

Our hybrid connectivity products

IP address management

Flexible, skalierbare und erweiterbare IP-Adressmanagement-Produkte und Managed Services.

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Intelligente und flexible MPLS IP VPNs verbinden Ihr Unternehmen und sorgen für mehr Leistung u...

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Internet services

Eine Auswahl an schnellen, zuverlässigen Internet-Services, die Ihre ständig steigenden Bandbre...

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Optical network

Eine Lösung mit hoher Bandbreite für die bestmögliche Leistung.

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Why choose hybrid connectivity from BT?

For global businesses operating across the world, it’s about the partner you choose and their ability to select and manage the right connectivity.

  • Support – Choosing the right provider with the right credentials locally and adding overlay orchestration, learning and intelligence to resolve issues proactively before they happen.
  • Industry-leading proven partnerships – Direct connectivity into all major public cloud and SaaS providers across all continents (except Antarctica).
  • Experience – We design, build and deliver networking solutions to the world’s largest multinational corporations, including overlay, digital experience and visibility services.
  • Choice and control – For us, choice is everything. That’s why our services are flexible and customisable to your business needs.
  • Support – We continually develop our offers to resolve issues proactively before they happen. And if something does go wrong, you’ll have quick access to the support needed to get it fixed.